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A Day of Luxury in London, Zoella Apartment & My Chi! | Fashion Mumblr Vlog

Join me for a day in London with Small Luxury Hotels as we discover 5 of their London hotels for Breakfast, Cocktails, Afternoon Tea and more, then see inside the Zoella Apartment, and an incredible event with Body Shop – Don’t Mess with my Chi!

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  1. Truly just love these shop, come along videos!💓💓👡🚜

  2. Hi Josie! You touching your hair or your neck or your jewelry all of time. Please, stop this, because it not looking natural. 🙂

  3. I ❤️ this video! The Small Luxury Hotels are all so beautiful!

  4. Hi Josie! I recently have found your channel and I love it!!! I live in a small town in the mountains in Colorado in the US. Not only do I love watching your channel for the fashion but also because it's like I get to visit London! And every where else you go! I don't plan on doing any international travel so watching your channel makes me feel as if I've been all these places! Your bubbly, happy personality makes you a joy to watch and your style is impeccable! (I typically wear all black and very casual so I'm hoping your style will rub off on me!) Anyhow please keep making wonderful videos! You are a darling, lovely person!!! 😉

  5. I have never heard of Zoella. What type of product is it 💕

  6. I really LOVE LOVE this video of London. So far my favorite🌠🌠❤☕I am from Florida and I HAVE ALWAYS WANTED to come to London England , but so far I have not made it. If I ever relocated ➖ it would be London ❤❤❤ Please do more London videos 💙💙💙🗽👑💄📷💙 I AM SO GLAD I RAN ACROSS YOUR CHANNEL✈

  7. GREAT VIDEO ! We love to show authentic dresses ! Hope u visit us and like our videos too ! Welcome !

  8. I just discovered your channel lately and am loving your vlogs! This one is awesome. I feel like going to London now. Please do more of these. Btw, don't be shy to vlog on the streets this is your gig and you're doing a great job!

  9. I love how you always maintain a clean chic wardrobe. I happen to love lots of white myself.
    Keep it up:)

  10. I discovered your channel a few days ago, and I love it! You're a very lovely combo of grace and sass!

  11. Why is South Ken always under construction?

  12. I don't know how to do a yellow heart, but suffice to say I ADORE all of your Vlogs! I would love to visit Britain, but alas, it's not likely anytime soon, so thanks so much for showing me around!! xxx

  13. this was lovely & informative

  14. i used to work in Boodle's…………………………………..

  15. I noticed that you don't wear the charlie bracelet anymore. It was soo cute <3
    I love your videos 🙂

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  17. Lovely video! – I just have to ever so slightly disagree with something that Maxine said : I don't think it's that we don't take the time to pamper ourselves and just breathe and meditate, as there is a real blurring of the line between work and private life nowadays, much more so than there was 20-30 years ago – with phones that are really wallet-sized computers, and the extraordinary real-time connectability, people either work from home (which is excellent! but really blurs the line) OR they don't get to go home fully — yet they can't bring home into the workplace, so it's not a reciprocal deal.

  18. Wow…..What a fabulous time you had in London!!…..absolutely love that great city xxx

  19. i love how smooth she vlogs not so shaky and not so steif just i love it 😍

  20. new subscriber here 😍😘

  21. i love how the background music matches her personality.

  22. Your vlogs are so easy to watch, really enjoying them, keep up the good work! What is the music you used in the last minute or two of your vlog if you dont mind me asking? It sounds beautiful xx

  23. What nail varnish do you have on please?

  24. We hope you got your own travel set in the end! So sorry they got mixed up in the goodie bags… We are all so jealous of your day out, looked absolutely amazing, thanks for sharing!

  25. why i she visiting so many hotels?

  26. Hi! What camera do you use? 🙂 thanks! x

  27. love your vlogs. You deserve many more followers as you really are inspiring! xxx

  28. I've been subscribed for a week and watched loads of your videos.. You're so amazingly graceful & beautiful 💖

  29. I'm totally with you getting embarrassed when vlogging haha, I've not been youtubing that long so hopefully it will get easier 🙂 ps I love your channel 💗

  30. I can't believe I'm so late 😟 but I love your daily vlogs great video xx!

  31. I really enjoyed this vlog… I learned a lot about London, new products and its Beauty… Lovely…still want to see what you got at Zoella's Apartment…:)

  32. Please please please can some one tell me where your top is from the second day (zoella beauty launch and body shop day) thanks

  33. What is the name of the song at the beginning of the video?

  34. Such a fab day exploring those beautiful hotels and I loved the Ampersand tea!

  35. I used to work in St James' Street……this was a real trip down memory lane 😁. Dukes do the best martinis! 🍸

  36. I wonder if these idiots who spend £3000 – £11000 on overpriced shoes ever stop to buy a big issue or donate to Shelter. Sometimes I forget just how much money there is in the world and yet every city in Britain is full of homless people who don't even have a room to call their own. Spending £20 on moisturiser is one thing but £11,000 on shoes makes me so angry. Sorry for the rant but I couldn't keep it in!

  37. I LOVED this vlog – so interesting with the history additions! Not any ppl do that and it was great 🙂
    Ps: where do you get your music from? I love your choices! Thanks 🙂🙂😘

  38. Love watching your videos & vlogs!  Thank you!  Also, you have a great voice!

  39. Thank you for that wonderful vlog, it's so relaxing watching your videos in general. I'm a new subscriber to your channel. I was having a pretty rough day but you helped brighten it up! Thanks again for sharing 😊

  40. Really loving your vlogs welldone, you seem a very busy lady cant wait for you to make a relaxation and wellbeing video, lots of love to you xxxx

  41. my legs were in pain too and I took magnesium and now I am ok!💟

  42. I just don't get the zoella products thing? I like her and was sent some of her products, they were nice but seriously Lush & Bodyshop  products are as good if not better & most cases can be cheaper.

  43. Lots of love from Croatia! ♡

  44. So glad I listened to Hannah Michalak's recommendation of you! I love your style and you seem so lovely! My new favourite vlogger / blogger xxx

  45. Thank you for the London tour. I've never been. Really enjoying your vlogs around and about London and the country side. Enjoying so much! xxx

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