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A mobile version of ‘Pokémon Rumble’ is coming to iOS and Android

A mobile version of ‘Pokémon Rumble’ is coming to iOS and Android

Yet another Pokémon game is coming to smartphones. Pokémon Rumble Rush appeared in Australia’s Google Play store today, and according to EuroGamer, it’s “coming soon” for iOS and Android.

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  1. Can’t wait for sword and shield! Think I’m probably gonna be sword, though it does depend on the differences between the 2. As for this rumble game…. I dunno, it seems a bit too much like a mindless screen tapper… really not my thing, I’m also not into the whole “gather items for power ups” style of gaming, suppose I’m old school and prefer levelling up my Pokemon and choosing 4 moves that I refine as my Pokemon levels up.

  2. no more hunting pokemon 😂😂

  3. Need a legit pokemon game on andriod not this trash

  4. Nintendo milking their franchises more as usual.

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