A Weekend in Switzerland | VLOGTOBER #7 | Fashion Mumblr

A fabulous weekend in Switzerland! We flew from London Southend into Bern, the Capital of Switzerland and stayed two nights at the Bellevue Palace – honestly the most beautiful hotel i’ve ever stayed in!

Keep an eye on the blog for my upcoming posts about the trip, to find out more about what we did!

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  1. How cold is it you look so bundled like it is 30 below ? It is beautiful but how do you move ?

  2. Charlie is charming Josie ❣️😉

  3. Thanks for showing such interesting items and part of the laser show! xoxo!

  4. You look so lovely!
    Which lipstick are you wearing?
    Kisses x

  5. you and your boyfriend are so cute together 🙂 <3

  6. It makes me want to visit! You need more followers and subscribers because your channel is so great! I love watching it 🙂

  7. For a moment I thought this was for freddy my love channel because you guys look like twins!

  8. just amazing 😍😍such a beautiful country
    thx for this vlog
    xx ❤

  9. love the new video! & also love your channel altogether. I was wondering if you had the time, if you could check out my first video on my new fashion,beauty & lifestyle channel, and give me some advice/ constructive criticism? I would really appreciate it! 💖☺️ https://youtu.be/HPRlGXqNd8U

  10. hope you had the best time Xx love you ❤❤

  11. why did I not know that you where in Switzerland 🙁 haha if you come back you have to visit Zurich, that's an amazing city too! and then I maybe meet you 😀 haha

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