AB de Villiers names the five best bowlers he's faced

It’s no easy feat this, bowling to one of the game’s greatest batsmen. But Brisbane Heat recruit AB de Villiers has picked out five bowlers he’s faced that are the toughest of them all … with three Australians making the list


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  1. world talk about asif and PCB even did not offered for psl even they selected salman butt (master mind)

  2. i don't no why I feel regret on wastage of asif instead of PCB and asif himself

  3. Who wants AB back like here ♥️

  4. Asif the real king of swing… Troubled every world class batsman with his mere speed around 125-130… Love n respect from an Indian.. But I hate him equally for fixing… He wasted himself… Still a poor guy with tons of talent under his belt.

  5. Asif AB appreciate
    Amla tough bowler
    KP tough bowler
    Some favourite 🐰

  6. Imad wasim ko bhol gae kiya Goldan duck in Ct17

  7. His opinions seem so insightful

  8. Mohd. Asif would have been a legend. What a bowler he was.

  9. Mr. 360 troubled by man who even troubled himself.. Asif would have been legendary bowler of all times.

  10. Stuard broad is the fastest bowler which yuvraj singh hit 6 ball 6 sixes 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  11. Muhammad Asif, king of swing

  12. When I hear the name of Asif then I angry why he done

  13. MD asif was such a dangerous bowler he demolished indian batting lineup in karachi when sachin sehwag dravid and dhoni was at their peak

  14. If Asif wasn't put himself in corrupt activities he might be the no.1 bowler of all times

  15. Why does ABD always talk like he’s got some flu 🤧

  16. He wast his own talent.
    Asif RIP.

  17. Ricky Pointing named Muhammad Asif as one of most difficult bowlers ever. What a waste.

  18. Asif swings ball in and out the best after Waqar and Wasim but unfortunately wasted himself.

  19. La Indians :
    Where Is Bumrah 😀😀😀😀

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