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Activists defy Italian laws to rescue migrants at sea

The tiny Italian island of Lampedusa has long been a magnet for migrants wanting to reach Europe.
But harsher measures by Italy’s right-wing politicians have made it more difficult for activists who rescue migrant ships stuck at sea.

Al Jazeera’s Sonia Gallego reports from Lampedusa.

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  1. She should be put in jail. These liberal morons don't care about the illegals. These people are socialist.

  2. Seawatch stayed in the area for 13 days . Ample time for the ship to bring the illegals to Spain or any other port …She rammed a coast guard cruiser ,breaking the law …Attempting to murder the crew …..She should go to prison for attempted murder of the crew on that cruiser ……She is a trafficker …..Her ship is a tool used for that purpose ….It should be sunk!

  3. Death pushers. Exploiting these people for there own purpose, putting there lives in danger. The blood is on there hands.

  4. Matteo salvini is a mad dog.he don't want anyone in Italy even immigrants or Italians.he is in government because of old sick mad people's like him.

  5. The reason these people die at sea in little boats is because people smugglers like the crew on this ship pick them up and illegally transport them from Libyan waters to Europe.

    Stop that practice for a week or two and the message will sink in – There will be no one to pick you up, you will die at sea.

    The number dinghies leaving African shores for Europe will drop to zero, as will the number of people drowning at sea.

    The only ones playing with peoples lives are the smugglers on board that boat.

    Furthermore, the people smugglers and their cohorts have claimed these "refugees" spend thousands of euros each to get transported to Europe.

    This is complete BS. If they had that much money they would live as kings and queens in their home countries. And they could have legally entered any one of the plethora of African countries not currently at war, walked into any European embassy, apply for a visa, wait a couple of weeks and then buy an airplane ticket.

    Jet airplane travel is 99.99% safe – leaky dinghies are not. The entire process is also cheaper than being smuggled.

    These people are not refugees – they are illegal economic migrants who think the streets in Europe are lined with gold and everything is free for the taking.

    Importing these people en mass with no prior background check is irresponsible beyond any justification. There are currently 10's of thousands of war criminals hiding in Europe, living on our tax-money, while escaping justice at home.

    There's no way of knowing how many Islamic jihadists these traitors have smuggled into Europe. Thousands of innocent European men, women and little children have already died on European soil as a result.

    All thanks to the leftist bubble heads and their criminal gangs of people smugglers.

  6. Human traffickers are treated too lightly. The Italian navy should have sunk the boat.

  7. Foutez leur une charge de chevrotine dans la gueule.

  8. now they call human traffickers "Activists"… LOL They ar not activists, they are CRIMINALS

  9. Have at it.
    You’re all going to jail for human trafficking.

  10. She fetched them.Jail her and scupper the boat.

  11. activists don`t solve the problem – they enlarge it!

  12. You should mention that these U.N. activists all over the world are causing havoc to western countries by putting immigrants in these positions then rescuing them These are activists that should be charged with human trafficking and treason and hung imo. Not only are they causing problems in the west but they are endangering these immigrants lives as well.

  13. Les activistes on fait juste une provovation politique premeditée.

  14. Make Europe black again 🙌🏿

  15. human smugglers are criminals

  16. 😢😢😢😓😓😓😭😭😭👮👮👮👍👍👍👍👍👌👌👌👌👌✌✌✌💔💔💔💔💚💚💚💚

  17. I think European countries should take African refugees and bring a demographic change to Europe.

  18. There Human traffickers then they come out with this propaganda to cover it up

  19. Italians digging their own grave. Shortly italy will see "immigrant" religious centres cropping up, fundamentalist education, immigrants fight for equal rights, soon immigrants outnumber the locals because "they" don't believe in contraception, immigrant Representatives in the parliament, crazy religious heads giving inflammatory statements and finally the "Terrorist attacks"
    This has been the fate of all European countries that accepted immigrants!!!

  20. Velmi dobře ihned zavřít všichni hrabou v neziskovkách a sami jsi pouze masti kapsu v Itálii to jde zdání a z peněz lidu !

  21. Activists are just junkies who have nothing to do all day long.



    make the mosque that was built by Qatar in Europe as a place of shelter for immigrants

  23. Bias report as it left out information. The seawatch stayed in the area for 13 days and had ample time to go to other countries, including the Netherlands. It's a Dutch ship and therefore all passengers become the responsibility under Dutch law. SALVINI should fly all of the economic migrants to Amsterdam. The captain was warned and could have gone elsewhere. She now challenge the Italian state over its jurisdiction over the borders . Hope they bury her with charges and siege the vessel to sink.

  24. Those activists are real cancer of Europe.

  25. Congrats to Italy with their new laws. Fantastic move🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹.

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