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#ad WW’s NEW Weight Loss Program Makes Losing Weight Easier than Ever Before!

WW (formerly Weight Watchers) understands everyone’s needs are different, so they created their NEW myWW program, which is tailored to your lifestyle to make losing weight feel easier! Head to TheReal.com for more.


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  1. Loni is good for trying to project the black experience as one type of experience which is wrong. She shouldn't make broad statements like "black people don't know how to eat" without some sort of context or discussion. Why not have a discussion about why healthy food options are harder to obtain in urban areas, why healthy eating habits aren't emphasized to black children in schools, why blacks and hispanics are referred to as the unhealthiest groups in America when obesity is a problem that this country faces as a whole. I understand that Loni is the OG fully black woman on the show, but she doesn't speak for us all and shouldn't speak in a way that puts us in a box.–And tbh I think THIS is why Amanda made the faces that she did.

  2. How you gonna be on the REAL and it says you are telling people you 176 pounds on the internet. There is no way this big heffer is under 200

  3. I am so proud of you am goin to start too

  4. AHA! That cry was random though! I feel Amanda lmao! Like one second we educating and speaking all of a sudden it's like "oh is this sad now? Is she crying? What the hell just-" I FEEL YOU AMANDA! 😂😂🤣🤣🤣😅

  5. L M A O Amanda's face had me dying!!!!! 😂😂😂😭😭😭😭😭

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  7. Amanda looks disinterested in the whip le segment

  8. 1) has Loni lost any weight 2) PLEASE speak for yourself smh 🤦🏾‍♀️

  9. But why was tamera so ready for loni’s cry lol

  10. They kept da camera off her lmao they knew Amanda ain’t have it

  11. The build up to this is TOOO MUUCH LOL

  12. So you mean to tell me a lot black people who lived or living in projects are overweight? Have Loni ever considered that her weight issue maybe genetic and not just poor eating habits. She needs stop using “we” and start using “I” for accountability and control of her life. Let people speak to their experiences and struggles.

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  14. Am I trippingggg??? Or does it sound like someone from the audience was laughing at 6:42 ??? 😭😭😭😭😂😂

  15. Amanda halfway collapsing into the table when Loni randomly said "you wanna get rid of the coronavirus? eat healthy" is all of us…wtf kinda logic was that? LOL

  16. A lot of people nowadays are trying to figure out the best method to lose weight. Then again, having the ability to discover a diet plan that can work for you is tough to find. A crucial factor you want to comprehend is that a diet is effective for one person might not operate for another. And that means you have to know what your getting into before you begin one of these diets. This can provide you enough information to learn if this really is something that is suitable to your needs. Read more here https://rb.gy/xxjiq2

  17. Dj Khalid, Oprah, loni have been on WW forever and you see the results. Moral of the story do your own free thing don’t pay for this garbage.

  18. assigning a POINT SYSTEM to food is so toxic and unnecessary, being THIN and being healthy are not the same thing, you can be fat and healthy (and if you’re not, you deserve the same respect regardless) the way you’re talking about black women and fat people is HARMFUL LONI – I get it’s for a check but you’re pushing the false narrative that fat people need to lose weight in order to be “healthy”, stop harming your community‼️

  19. Loni’s experience isn’t the black community, it is her own. I don’t really know anyone in the black community who are fans of her.

  20. The Sponsered by WW should stay on the screen thru this commercial…I mean segment.

  21. Amanda facial expressions got me rolling 😂😂 please get Loni ass off the show she getting on my nerves

  22. why do these black folks in “the hood” or grew up there think their experience with poverty is akin to being black. Even if you couldn’t afford to eat healthier, it’s bc u’re broke not bc you’re black. Some folks are just flat out ignorant. There is no “black community” — we aren’t bonded or an emulation of the same experience bc we were arbitrarily born of a certain skin color. Niggas love complaining about racism but are very ones who perpetrate this stupidity.

  23. And next year her ass still be fat #byeloni

  24. Loni looks like she eats her weight in Hersheys chocolate every day.

  25. Groundbreaking programme? Why she still fat as hell????

  26. Thought loni was on ww long time ago, I need to see those mrs. Mann results. Loni speak for yourself I’m black raised in single family home my mom didn’t don’t fry everything and feed us all starches we knew what veggies were and had and salads. Some kids are just greedy. Yes sometimes kids eat what parents cook but you are grown know boo

  27. This just sounds like Slimming World in the UK. Nothing new lol

  28. Loni… you’re not overweight. You’re fat. Skip breakfast just have a coffee with no sugar if you can or with 1 sugar. Forget the snack in the middle of the day, skip that. Just have smaller portions of everything you like with maybe less fried food and more vegetables and NO alcohol! #Lost90lbs #BabyWeight #BlackWomenKnowHowToEat #JustLoseWeight #TamaraisaVision

  29. I'm here for Amanda's facial expressions lmao

  30. Amanda's facial expression was a mood!!!

  31. Loni is crying because she is hungry.  😭😭😭

  32. Loni, you haven't been eating lean.  Stop lying and take ownership for your obesity. Potatoes (carbs) should be eaten early in the day to use as energy for exercising.  WW has always been a failure for people, who are clueless about diet and exercise.

  33. In MY opinion… and I agree with someone else in these comments who said they also understood what Loni was trying to say.. but as a talk show host needs to learn how to communicate her points better….. I think Loni’s point was less about African American people not eating healthy…. and more so they just don’t know how or what to cook in GENERAL maybe? Because they had to just eat whatever they could before. I don’t think she should have brought up how people come to her shows and say they wanna be healthy because that diminished her point…… but I also think it’s not just about African American, black people, etc…. anyone who didn’t eat the best or didn’t have much when they were younger might carry that with them when they can buy their own food as adults. So I just think that’s more so what it’s about. Even for myself…… I went from when my mom and dad were still together? My dad would cook for us every night… when they divorced? And my dad kicked me out and moved states? And I stayed with my mom only? My mom didn’t have anything or cook anything. So even as a 24 year old I don’t know how to cook for myself/know how to….. and sometimes I just do “what’s easy” like what was easy back when I lived with her….. so I think that’s all Loni was saying, though, I still don’t agree with other things she said. But that’s JUST my take. I do think Loni was trying to say everything out of love so let’s not bash her for EVERYTHING still….. just some things here and there 😝😝😝🤪 lol… much love to everyone

  34. Yeah eating what you could shouldn’t make you turn out looking like that. Clearly she was eating more. Speak for yourself fat ass cause majority of us been eating good

  35. Amanda gots ta go . Shes not real , she's an encyclopedia. The girls here are real , real love for one another with real feelings and emotions. This robot chick needs to learn to control hef facial expressions and be more compassionate

  36. I don't think it's a don't know how thing. It's a too lazy to care thing. The fact that black dudes aren't as obese statistically means her theory is garbage. Some fat black women just dont see themselves as fat. I tried encourage a girl to eat better and exercise, she said she was afraid to lose her butt. That thing was sloppier than pile of mud. I love all types of women, especially beautiful black women. But like many other black men, I am attracted to fit healthy females, and statistically speaking, women of other races are more likely to fit that description. I don't believe the whole white women stealing black men. Plus alot of the baddest black women out there are only dating other races. I got off topic, but I'm basically saying black women need to take better care of themselves.

  37. Lmao Amanda, “Why you throw the plate like that Loni!?” Lmao, I was waiting for a plate to crack on that hard table.

  38. Loni Love you do know how to eat! How did you get to be morbidly obese not knowing how to eat ? Huh?

  39. Sis went from throwing stuff on the table to crying real quick😂😂😂 lord,!!! It’s midnight and i just busted into an unstoppable laughter🥴🥴

  40. Oooh child that cry!!! Too much cringe. Hey loni you need to learn to use I and me. You are not an ambassador for the black community. 🤧🤧

  41. Amanda too real she might not last

  42. This Amanda woman…Hai ngeke…

  43. 6:38 – That tone in Tamera's voice when she said "Oh Loni" …. I know deep down Tamera was like here this bitch go again 😂😂😂

  44. Ok, not to be mean but loni has been doing this for a while and I can't see the difference. So honestly it doesn't make me want to sign up. I need to see results.

  45. I absolutely hate when Loni says most black women are this or do this , most black men etc, PLEASE stop speaking in absolutes when it comes to us. Speak for your damn self. So damn annoying

  46. I couldn't listen once Loni started crying because I was laughing so hard at Amanda's reaction😁😁😁😂😂😂😂😂😂. She can cry at the drop of a hat & the rest of them are used to it but Amanda was not here for it. Amanda should be on the end where Tamar was.

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