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Admissions Scandal Exposes College's Big Lie

Admissions Scandal Exposes College's Big Lie

The college admissions scandal proves meritocracy is dead. Ana Kasparian breaks it down on #NoFilter. Watch #NoFilter on YouTube TV here: https://tv.youtube.com/browse/UCSnFkX-bCQG8Dyj7LlzICHQ

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  1. University’s are now A Business make no mistake about it 🤑🤑=👩🏻‍🎓

  2. Reagan BS piss on the ones below you…and WHY I WANT TO KILL THESE KNOBS …..CIVIL WAR IN 2020!!!!

  3. You are an AWESOME Journalist, Ana. Thank you for what you do.

  4. All liberal progressists socialists corrupts … LOL

  5. I don't believe it? I don't know why the rich and Powerful have to come under so much scrutiny it's nice to have money and not have to worry about it

  6. Olivia jade could not get in on her own merit because USC has 12.8 acceptance rate. So, she had to cheat her way in. Sad!

  7. Ana is so much better than you!

  8. Why don't you just go to community college and transfer to a four year school?? hear a lot of people use this excuse to justify not wanting to help college students and young adults out with student loan debt. So many colleges do not accept transfer credits let alone from a community college!! If they do accept them, your 30 credits transfer to 5! Transferring is a huge scam!!

  9. OMG ana the same thing almost happened to my wife not with USC but with Cal State Long Beach they wanted her to retake a bunch of classes she had already taken prior to transferring just because she had shaved 2 years off of Cal State Long Beach

  10. Neocon Ana "Tulsi Gabbard is not a progressive" Kasparian OWES Jimmy Dore an apology!

  11. That's why you have people who are fools in governments and companies and the brightest people from ordinary families who are the ones that tell everyone else what's wrong with the government or a company.

  12. Due to the hit piece on Tulsi Gabbard, where you had the nerve to say she is NOT a progressive. Bullshit, and your jealousy is so obvious and anti-women. After more than 4 years, unsubbing TYT.
    I forgave the Hillary crap you fed us, but this is pure garbage. You revealed your character. Or lack of it.

  13. So paying $500K to get your kind into a college makes you a "taker"????????

  14. The US school system is set up to breed soldiers for their military.
    The extended arm of corporations.
    How many…uhm…"patriot" millionaires are there in the military?

  15. As a European, I do not get all this legacy admission or donating a building system. And honestly, I do not get the athlete thing either. Why on Earth do you give an advantage in admission to people who play sports? Apart from the case when they actually have a sport-related educational program. How does playing cricket should help you study linear algebra or anthropology?

  16. Come on you Anna, surely, you didn't expect USC to give you credit for attending a college for serfs.

    For me this so called college admissions scandals not only helps to make a case for tuition free public university, but for a system of open admissions as well. Make a public college system big enough to allow everybody open admission to the age of 25 as undergrads, and age 30 for graduate school. Why not? I mean the rich have their expensive private colleges where they let in all of their children, underachievers and morons included. Why can't working families do the same? Why do we have to psychologically torture them with high pressure, high stakes testing and convincing them of the lie that the rich work hard for what they have?

  17. Didn't those ugly "Full House" babies go to Harvard or something? That should b investigated too, because they never looked too bright to me.

  18. Yeah she is right the rich & the poor live in different worlds. Just like TYT who live in their own world.

  19. Damn she looks old as hell wtf

  20. I truly love a strong minded and clever thinking person! Sorry folks women always break the mold!MOST WOMEN ARE NOT PLAGUED THE WANTING AND NEEDING GRAND TITLES AND PRESTIGE LIKE MEN! They always seem to see the surroundings even when the chips are down! And know how to play them for the win!

    The best bakers know how to cook anything up out of nothing!…great share!

  21. I love how we gloss over the fact that buying a building to get in is still koo… who has that much money?.. smh

  22. Scamerica 🇺🇸 🇺🇸 🇺🇸

  23. America is all about the money for the few….

  24. Americas further education system is a joke

  25. When I applied to the top university in my country, all I had to do was sit through an exam and score well enough. That was it. No volunteer work, extracurricular activities or motivation letters needed. Just pure maths, chemistry and physics knowledge based on high school material. In university, I (like every other student) did not have to pay tuition fees and I bought only 2 books before graduating with my master's degree and jumping straight into a phd (lecturers and material were great and the internet exists). I had many classmates that were first generation university graduates in their families. Now, studying to get my teaching credentials, more than ever I want to help keep education as the great equalizer, blind to background, be it financial, ethnic or cultural.

  26. Meritocracy is a myth. didnt know that

  27. Hi Ana! Love your show. You’re fierce, smart as hell with a strong sense of empathy. I’m a womon in my 50s who loves Millennials’ powerful progressive energy! Tx for doing what you do!

  28. My beef with USC is the idea that AD,and former gridiron great Lynn Swann, is having his name tossed around.Olivia Jade doesn,t play football or basketball,so USC is using this scandal to rake a man who helped bring in a lot of money during his playing days to the mighty Trojan Football Empire.

  29. Ana’s Ts&A got her into school 😉

  30. Love to hear Ana's take on this 🙂

    I'm a civil engineer, graduated in 2014 from French public college : it cost around 500€/year, five years of study. Alas our whole university system is also under scrutiny and at risk of being privatized and cost hikes for the students… but still it's nothing compared to the US system and its costs.

  31. Kinda like affirmative action isnt it ? With certain considerations you get to go ahead of everyone regardless of qualifications , with the right money you get to go, with the right skin color you get to go.
    If its money its shocking!

  32. Tom Arnold?  Really?   He's a great example of mindless banter.  He's the token idiot of the century.  LOL yeah right, try to forget most of the cheaters are far left elites. Tom Arnold needs to get a job;  his voice just shows up for every scandal.

  33. Trump has always carried his own weight. What is he now, close to 300 lbs?

  34. It's funny how the wealthy are ALWAYS the main ones saying "People need to work hard, stop expecting handouts pull their own weight" but then we see how they really got to where they are…crickets.

  35. You guys haven't talked much about Andrew Yang, he's the real deal.

  36. I was a high school dual enrollment coordinator in the 90s. (That’s where high school teachers have credentials to teach college courses and the high school/college students can choose to do the extra work throughout the semester to receive either or both high school & college credit.) Anyway, we had agreements with a lot of universities in our area – all except a big one that we tried for years to follow their guidelines and still couldn’t work with them. We suddenly found out that they were accepting credits from one of the other community colleges in our district and finally we could legally demand they accept our credits, since we all had the same course requirements. Our program surged to 36 high schools while I was there and continued to grow after I left. At the time we did not discriminate on the basis of legal immigration status or ability to pay & I was very proud of working there. 🙂 So many kids were able to do what you did, albeit at a slightly different route. It really gives kids a head start and keeps their loans a bit lower.

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