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Afghanistan: Many killed in car bomb attack by Taliban amid Qatar peace talks

Taliban fighters in Afghanistan have claimed responsibility for a car bomb explosion which killed at least 14 people, mostly security personnel, in Ghazni province on Sunday.
Close to 200 others were injured in the attack at the country’s main intelligence unit, National Directorate of Security (NDS).
The attack comes even as ground-breaking talks, involving Taliban and other Afghan representatives, began in Qatar.
Al Jazeera’s Charlotte Bellis reports.

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  2. The Taliban are murders and terrorists.

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  9. who is superpower now.

  10. PBS won't let me comment my displeasure with this war.

  11. Mashallah one day will inshallah come Afghanistan will be peacefully country alhamdullilah I am afghan

  12. This is going to fail because Afghans will not accept paki proxies i.e. the taliban that are being hosted and trained by the Pakistani military and government to come into Afghanistan and kill and murder Afghan..

    Osama Bin Laden the leader of al-Qaeda was found near a major Pakistani Military Academy . everyone knows Pakistan is controlled and governed by the military and not the civilian government.

    If the United States is really concerned about peace it would attack Islamabad and Lahore and murder and kill all those people that support the Taliban and wants to harm the Afghan Nation.

    Unless this happens there will be no peace.

  13. Mashallah they are real tiger's talaban zandaabad

  14. USA have sent around 100.000 soldiers to fight the talibans when they were out of their control and they couldnt defeat them, so they are now negotiating with them. Thats suspicious. And also no one can assure that talibans will stop bombing, raping and harashing afgan people after the deal. They have not changed at all. This is a US farce. Stop wasting time with the savage talibans and start dealing with Iran removing the sanctions against it. They are much more rational people than the talibans

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  16. The wages of sin is death.

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  23. Assalamu alaikum, let the Afganistan people make their own decisions. Leave them to develop their each and everything by themselves. United nation may work as observers. No need to bring soldiers from other countries. It may bring peaceful situations

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  35. Instead of bunch of old men "negotiating" ( trying to speak for others), why don't you let afghan people decide if they want to live under Taliban ever again ?? Their terms are hilarious – – "withdrawal of foreign troops & stop policing of armed forces such as al queda" ! People has to be clueless to agree to these terms! Just like Taliban once did, they will take over Afghani gov by force and take its people backwards another 1000 years right after the foreign forces leave ! Why do we even negotiate with such groups proven to be terrorize its people?? You know they're only buying time… it's a matter of time another bin laden is created amongst them !

  36. Once the USA is out totally out , then will you see some peace , but USA thinks it's found peace in Iran so Iran needs to be bombed and invaded for this peace

  37. United terrorist States of America done this attack .we Talibans are just protect our Afghan people and natural resources from Western Terrorist

  38. If US gv leave them alone there will be peace

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