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Agarkar: Kohli is the best batsman in the world across formats

Ajit Agarkar talks about Kohli’s double-century, SA’s defensive tactics, and an impressive show by India’s seamers on day 2 in Pune

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  1. Kohli is very poor captain when it comes to tournament formats. So far zero success rate. Can anyone tell me which tournament he has won, ODI Or T20, to date?

  2. Totally wrong Kane Williamson and Steve smith is best batsman in the world

  3. U cant compare this guy to me….they think they gud..i know iam grt…

  4. Everything will be proved in 2021 when there will be final against India and aus in Lord's
    Steve and virat will be face to face in neutral venue

  5. Kohli is the master of all trades but a jack of none LOL

  6. Question though, for how long will Smith remain ahead of Kholi in test? I think we all know that it's only a matter of time, longevity will speak for itself…

  7. Form is temporary but genius r forever . That genius is Virat Kohli

  8. Steven Snith is Test Batsmen but Virat Kohli is Cricket Batsmen

  9. Weird how the first two days of this Test is almost an exact copy of the first two days of the previous Test – India win the toss, bat & post a big 1st innings score, then declare just before the end of the second day & take three cheap wickets before the close of play on that day.

  10. Is virat the fittest ever indian batsman?🤔

  11. Kohli is second best behind Smith in Tests but is the best in all other formats.

  12. What is the obsession with that annoying background music? U people r not listening to the viewers that's why other channels like cricbuzz are leading ahead now.

  13. Agarkhar is a really does good analysis

  14. Nikhil the one from Umesh to Markram was a jaffa; seemed to swing away just like the previous delivery and then hit the seam and went the other way. If that's not a jaffa I don't know what is. Swing and seam in the same delivery in opposite directions; forget Kohli or Smith; even Sobers and Bradman will have trouble playing that.

  15. he is the best batsman in the world because he is good in all the formats…his average is above 50 in all formats..

  16. That title of the video. Did u get to know that now after so many days i know it long ago that he is the best batsman in the world

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