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Air France’s Joon Airline Business Class – A340 300 Paris to Cape Town

Flight Review. Air France’s new millennial airline, Joon. In this flight review, Tom Otley, Editor of Business Traveller, flies on the Joon inaugural flight from Paris Charles de Gaulle (CDG) to Cape Town South Africa, on the Airbus A340 – 300 in Business Class.

Flight review: Joon A340-300 business class

Video transcript:
– – Well here we are on board the inaugural flight of Air France’s Joon, which is the millennial airline down to Cape Town from Paris, Charles de Gaulle. We set off quite early. I think it was 9:40 departure, and it’s a flight time of about 11-1/2 hours. I’m in the business class cabin, which I’ll show you more of in a moment. We were greeted on board, jackets taken as normal. Water, champagne, orange juice offered. So the business class cabin that you get on this A340 is to all intents and purposes the same that you would have got before, when it was an Air France one. But just to show you the cabin, and also indicate which I thought were the best seats. Before we set off, I had a look ’round, and this is what I thought. So the cabin on the Joon business class has four rows of seats A and C on one side, but in the center, it’s got another set of double seats. There are actually six rows in the center. Then on the far side there, there are five sets of seats. Window seats look good, but of course when the seats are fully reclined, you have to climb over the person who’s on the aisle. You don’t have direct aisle access. For that reason, a lot of people prefer to be on these aisle seats, which would be either the ones in the center, or the aisle seats on the windows. The configuration is five, A, C on this final row where I’m standing, and then you’ve got D, H, L, and J. So that’s D and H in the middle, and then J and L. Being the millennial airline that Air France wants Joon to be. The colors are nice and bright. Got these bright blue pillows. The blankets and the, I believe those are the amenity bags in there. We’ll have a look at that in a minute. As you can see, the overhead lockers aren’t the largest. So, for instance, with that standard size wheelie bag, you do have to turn it sideways to get it into the overhead locker. And then we’ve got a little amenity bag here which I was gonna show you. So it has this bag, for shoes, I believe. It’s got covers for the earphones. It’s got a pair of slippers, you see those there, slippers. And a pair of flight socks. As well as the slippers and the flight socks, you get a little amenity bag with an eye mask, ear plug, toothbrush, toothpaste, and some Clarins products. Well, just one, a Hydra-Essentiel, think it’s a moisturizer. Then some pillow mist. Cabin is about 3/4 full for the inaugural. I’m in the back row on this left hand side, which is 5A, a window seat. Luckily for me, 5C is vacant next to me. Most of the passengers are towards the front of the aircraft so row six, which is just there, is empty. There’s only two seats there. The two center seats in five are empty as well, so I’ll be able to take some pictures and show you what the aircraft is like. It’s an A340, and it’s an Air France A340, the sort of which they’ve had for many, many years. I’ve done a flight review previously on the A340, and that was probably back in 2004. So it looks exactly the same in terms of the seats, but they’ve been refreshed. New seat covers, that sort of thing. Then I was told actually it is new seating in premium economy, and economy. Probably as much as anything, so that they can put power into the seats. But also the new seats are more comfortable. I don’t think they’ve actually crammed in more seats, but I’ll go back and have a look maybe later on. Each seat has its own reading light so you can read undisturbed, or not disturbing your neighbor during the night flights. The seat has controls here. These don’t actually do anything. So if you want to recline, you’d press this, and if you want to go back up to sitting, this is your one. Then the tray table comes out the side here. It’s a pretty good design because it rests on the arm here. What that means is that actually it’s very firm for when you want to work or eat. Under there, you can see that you have the control, but also your headphones and water. Then down here, there’s the USB and the power. Power is for US and EU only, not UK. So this is the bed in the fully flat position, or as fully flat as it goes. Strangely, there’s a sort of small gap there between the bed and the foot stool. Okay this being a millennial airline, there’s actually quite a complicated thing to do with the wifi. There is no wifi on board, or not wifi that you can buy, but what you can do is stream to your device, presumably over wifi. The intention is for there to be wifi on Joon flights, but that’s not gonna happen till they get the A350s…………

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  1. Thank you Tom. I was interested to see what Joon was like in business class.

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  3. Does not sound too good! Pork or squid? God help me. What about check in at CDG for Business? Am hopefully taking them to Mahe.

  4. 9:30 : The flight attendants are employed by Joon itself, and the pilots are existing pilots from AF, flying for both airlines.

  5. great product, this premium class of JOON

  6. Honest and interesting review !

  7. Great review as always please keep up the good

  8. You're my favourite YouTube flight reviewer. I'm a subscriber to the printed Business Traveller magazine but these video reviews are really good. Please do more of these.

  9. Joon is still mainly medium-haul at the moment, but if it is successful I could see more long haul routes moving from being air France to Joon – especially once the A350s come into the fleet next year.

  10. Great review Tom please keep up the good work thank you

  11. Good review Tom. Very interesting.

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