Alaska Man Rescued After More Than 20 Days Stranded In The Wilderness | NBC Nightly News

Tyson Steele was rescued after more than 20 days in a remote part of Alaska, spotted after he carved “SOS” in the snow. He lost everything in a fire and built a makeshift shelter to survive. The Utah-native has pledged to return and rebuild.» Subscribe to NBC News:
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Alaska Man Rescued After More Than 20 Days Stranded In The Wilderness | NBC Nightly News


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  1. His story doesn't make sense. He will end up being arrested.

  2. Next time get a satellite phone. he has a great outlook. My deepest condolences about your dog.Glad you are alive!

  3. Why couldn't he eat his dead dog instead of pineapples? Pre-roasted dog meat from the wildfire would be a lot better than pineapples that's for sure (sarcasm)

  4. I’m so sorry for the loss of his dog 😭 so sad

  5. Glad he's ok.. But poor Phil😔

  6. Why would he have pineapples if he's allergic to them?

  7. If you are allergic to pineapples then why did you have them canned pineapple in the first place? I know it must have been a dire situation of life threatening proportions so there's no need to make it sound even more dire

  8. I'm glad you made it. Just curious, how do you happen to have pineapples when you are allergic ?

  9. I’m going to assume someone left the pineapples on their last visit or the dog love them. Either way, a sad, but also happy ending.

  10. Glad he is ok.. Dog could have been more vigilant and should have woken him up first and should have never died.. Btw, what does he do for a living??

  11. Let's get a true store sbout the lab blowing up

  12. No shed no fire wood no vehicles no canned jar food ???

  13. Should’ve been him instead of the dog.

  14. Why would u have pineapple in your remote cabin larder if you are allergic? Tweekers .. .

  15. That is awesome. Country folk can survive!

  16. All yall who want to live miles away from people.

  17. Why didn’t he walk to the neighbors 20miles away? That’s really not that far..woulda only taken a few hours

  18. If the The Long Dark was in real life.

  19. It's great that he survived instead of dying there all alone.
    He obviously had great survival skills.
    20 days is quite a long time and most people would be dead by that length of time.😊

  20. Happiness is only real when shared with others or something mccandless

  21. pineapples
    I'm allergic to pineapples.
    why would u have pineapples than. odd

  22. LOL! I always keep items to eat I'm allergic too in the house ready to eat…This guy is not running on all cylinders…

  23. That poor pup.😞I wonder why this lucky man would want to live so cut off from the rest of the world, especially after this happened to him. If he had a medical emergency, he wouldn't have a chance. I also wonder how his family and friends feel about his choice.

  24. How did the fire start? Grabbed what he could? Why couldn't he get the dog? What else did he eat for 30 days?



  27. Waste of taxpayers money if he is going back

  28. I am an atheist as well I'm watching from Alaska

  29. This is odd why did he even buy pineapples if he's allergic to them..

  30. looks like no one taught him 'don't put all your eggs in one basket'… sorry about the dog though 😪


  32. Dude has a wonderful sense of humor but I need to remind everybody this is why you don't live in the wilderness by yourself either you live in the wilderness with a big family or you live in a city by yourself.

    My advice to him — get a wife

  33. This is what happens when you want to be alone.

  34. I don't understand what he is doing tho. Why is he holed up an alaskan cabin with pineapples? Why does he have more than 1 cabin?

  35. Wow that is incredible! Too sad about his dog. I'm glad his amo was spent too!

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