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Albino body organs sold for witchcraft | Al Jazeera English

African albinos killed for body organs
Five men in Burundi have been jailed for their part in the murder of 11 albinos whose body organs were sold for witchcraft.
Some witch doctors claim the body parts of albinos bring good luck in love, life and business.
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Al Jazeera’s Yvonne Ndge meets albinos who live in hiding in fear of being murdered because of their condition.

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  1. Albino body organs sold for minecraft
    that's what i read

  2. Lack of education, simply.

  3. Is this why Europe colonized Africa??

  4. You can tell in her eyes that she is b.s. she did habe involment.

  5. Nothin' wrong with a little bit of juju magic. I only need maybe 1 albino worth of body parts to last my WHOLE LIFE though. These guys got greedy. ..took more than their share, so they get the punishment. Normal and healthy to do Juju magic though.. It isn't really murder. Their lives have more meaning after they've been converted into magic.

  6. I'll sell those Horrible people's Organs on eBay and see if they would like it!

  7. wow….how ridiculous ppl are in this world

  8. How crazy is that. These people need protections.


  10. It must be hard if there somebody want to cut your body

  11. Did they say $250 . Brutal my prayers go out to you. We have it made here America people.

  12. For sure without Colonialism these people would have already sent manned missions to Mars.

  13. What idiots these are good candidates for a nice dose of genocide

  14. Sew hats up with his eyes and why can't this lady pronounce albino it's not spelled Albeeno

  15. Satan has this world for now… not forever!

  16. I thought this was about Wauconda.

  17. My hubby is albino 😍😊

  18. I am yet to see an albino obituary, they may not be human as nobody has a useful information about there death or has anyone see there rip obituary

  19. People in Africa are Savages absolutely disgusting i cant believe this is still going on to this day.

  20. Ive eaten an albino heart
    And to say the least

    I have super human powers now , i dont ever get sunburn

  21. Other nations should take them for protection.

  22. This is exactly why whenever people say "But you must always respect other peoples' beliefs.", I want to look them straight in the face and say "…errr no, I don't think so, if you don't mind. Thanks."

  23. Albinos skin can stain/ colored which prevent genocide

  24. i hope those consumers gets karma

  25. has BLM had anything to say about this..?

  26. Time to go on a witch hunt.

  27. 00:43 anyone totally creeped out by that woman peeking on them?

  28. Please give money to Amnesty International. They are saving these innocent people. I gave money to this worthy cause. To kill someone with a genetic disease can only be considered evil. If you kill a relative remember you to may have a baby with this condition. To turn over your brother to a fate worse then death is demonic!!!

  29. Due to the lack of knowledge and understanding it costs peoples lives. This beliefs and traditions should be banned for it involves murder.

  30. Has anything changed, prayers

  31. We think we got it bad look at what they live in. Makes me feel blessed.

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