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Alex Honnold Before the Climb | Free Solo

Alex Honnold Before the Climb | Free Solo

The crew gets ready for Alex to climb, while Alex says goodbye to his girlfriend.
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Alex Honnold Before the Climb | Free Solo

National Geographic

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  1. Free Solo is airing this Sunday, March 3 at 9/8c. Have you watched yet?

  2. The best movie I've ever seen! Inspiration and motivation for life. Thanks Alex, thanks National Geographic!

  3. Can literally climb mountains with his bare hands for hours on end but can’t get out of bed to give his girlfriend a proper send off. Still one cool dude!!

  4. Does this sport have an official logo? If not then Alex should be the face the logo🙌

  5. Did he really say "drive safe" ??!! loool

  6. 3:07. Erich Fromm said when we cry it is always because we're feeling sorry for ourselves. Whatever the situation, we relate it back to ourselves. Weird sort of egotistical empathy.

  7. I couldn’t watch entirely! When you’ll release here, the full movie?

  8. If these two have a baby it will literarily be a Spiderman.

  9. Historical documentary as it is, but can you imagine what an incredible documentary it would have been if he fell.

  10. اللغة 🔹العربية🔹موجودة طبعًا

  11. This has to be the most powerful scene in the film for me. This shows the gravity of the situation and lifts this achievement above the immeasurable feat of scaling El Cap, but also the impact it has on all of those involved. What a film.

  12. I love this I watched it several times since dvr'ing it sunday and see more and more each time I watch it. Well done well done congrats to everyone involved. Revealing aspects of Honnold's psyche emerged in the scene where Alex basically says that anyone can be happy what good get's done from being happy, life is all about performance. Juxtapose this to the scene where Tommy asks alex if he ever puts in his journal " I saw a beautiful juniper tree".
    Alex has accomplished the impossible feat and I hope he can direct his energy in obsessive fashion to the many other aspects of life  to be had. I have no doubt that free soloing is pure exhilaration, but this movie highlights the many others who love alex and want to see him live and pass on his knowledge and caring to others.

  13. Of course she drives a Subaru Outback…. 😑

  14. Ma arrivano gli ordini fatti?? I'm waiting for my books ordered 2 mounths ago!!! I paid with my master card. The payment was ok for his bank.

  15. i dont think anyone grasps the magnitude of this achievement. Can you for a second stop to think the difference in how Alex shapes his reality compared to most humans. It should be seen as an example of how most humans are docile

  16. The reason he free solos is…… He didn't like the bulge when he had a harness on.

  17. Thats the problem with society and women in particular these days. Usually they go "if you really love me, you quit now or you`ll never see your kids again, you are irresponsible, ur not a rolemodel" asf.

  18. Why can't Hollywood actors with no talent be as humble as this guy. Alex is a great ambassador to the human race. Live long and keep making great memories..Respect

  19. 1:58 such little regard for his gf is hilarious.

  20. Why is she crying? She's putting herself in wayyyy more danger than him. A woman driving a car

  21. I used to be a competitive surfer at the high amateur to low professional level. I gave up competing and advancing in more dangerous surf, because of the possibility of harm to my family. If it was just me, I probably had the balls to advance, but I gave it up. I'll never know if it was the correct decision.

  22. This guy is super human, I can't grasp the mental and physical determination required to do what he did, I stood at the foot of el cap 3 years ago on holiday and was overawed by it, it truly is astounding

  23. Purchased it right away in Digital. Great Film👍

  24. one of the best films i have ever watched

  25. Free Solo didn't do this guy any favors. not a good look on him

  26. Watched it last night… I LOVE IT

  27. Alex is from an other world 💪🏼😉 absolutely amazing 👍🏻🎥 congrats for the OSCAR

  28. His real name is Alex Holdonn…….

  29. They should do a doc, about the people who filmed the people who were filming the climber

  30. congratulations on your oscar alex, you so deserve it.

  31. Drive safe meanwhile everyone is preparing for you last day lol….great video! Love both of you!

  32. Great climb Alex! Next movie do me a favor and ditch the scenes of your camera crew and girlfriend whining and crying. Truely. Thanks!

  33. The true love she has for him is something you don’t see as much these days!! 🙏🏽🙏🏽

  34. still wondering how did/does Sanni has all that strength and perseverance.

  35. That goal was there before you were in his life.

  36. while acknowledging his amazing achievements, I can't help but feel sorry for her… I can't imagine loving and dreaming of building a life with a person who'd risk their life like this. In the movie he tells her he feels no obligation to quit taking these risks just because she's in his life. I understand his passion and his need to do this, and that it's his choice and also her choice to be with him. but it's heartbreaking to see and to think he doesn't value her and her love as much as he values reaching goals.


  38. Desde España mi mas sincera felicitación, pero por Dios no lo intentes mas, te has dado cuenta de lo que te juegas.
    Siempre hay que tener claro que puedes tener imprevistos .
    Un saludo

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