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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez BOMBARDED With Violent Threats

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez BOMBARDED With Violent Threats

AOC is inundated with attacks from the Right, which means their base ups the ante when it comes to threatening the freshman congresswoman. Ana Kasparian, John Iadarola, and Francesca Fiorentini discuss on The Young Turks. MORE TYT: https://go.tyt.com/c3b0f

Read more here: https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/ocasio-cortez-death-threats-democrat-risk-assessment-security-staff-aoc-green-new-deal-trump-a8833751.html

“Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has received death threats frequently enough that her staff ‘stiffens’ every time someone knocks on the door of her office.

The realities of Ms Ocasio-Cortez’s time in Congress as the US representative of New York’s 14th congressional district have been revealed in a new Time profile, which displays the youngest-ever Congresswoman on the cover.

According to the profile, the outspoken Congresswoman has made many fans and enemies in her first few months in office, with the latter leading Capitol Police to train her staff in performing risk assessments of all visitors – even those just leaving positive Post-it notes.”

Hosts: Ana Kasparian, John Iadarola, Francesca Fiorentini

Cast: Ana Kasparian, John Iadarola, Francesca Fiorentini


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  1. Unfortunately you can't wake up a Republican. They've been asleep since before the civil war and aren't willing to move on !

  2. 39% of Americans still live in caves !

  3. I can't believe how stupid and nasty Republicans are ! Straight from hell !

  4. We all know what this is all about greedy rich Republicans and they're scared just like mr. President Ocasio hit a nerve go get them girl

  5. People was coming out of their house getting shot long before Ocasio-Cortez came along. Thank you for talking about all this. They aren't bother by Trump screwing up up our Country but they are worried about these brown women messing up our Country.

  6. No taxation without representation is as American as it can get but modern day Americans are distracted and believe in too many myths. Weakened by fears and false hopes perpetrated by disingenuous politicians. How about not paying taxes until they get it right with rational decisions that improves all lives in America. If you cannot do it, then get fired and be replaced. We are witnessing the greatest scam right in front of our eyes.

  7. these are the same pharmaceutical companies making va ( ( ines & funding va ( ( ine safety studies with full immunity from civil & criminal lawsuits. They corrupt our politicians and produce products that kill people and create addiction crisis. Please look more into this issue TYT!

  8. call it like it is modern day slavery your work all you life for minimum wage 2 most no chance to get out . the rich want you to believe

  9. Nothing frightens the rich like the thought of losing a dollar.

  10. She's the dumbest person in politics

  11. STFU, Ben Stein, you barely sentient potato.

  12. I dont condone violence against women or anyone but I knew this shit would happen she is stirring too much shit and now people are going nuts, shes trying to ban fossil fuels you really think the petroleum industries are going to allow her or anyone to let that happen if you do your high

  13. Fake liberal news trying to gain sympathy for the commie bitch traitor AOC. Trump's people receive death threats all the time and the news says nothing.

  14. 35 Years living in Mexico, I didn't know that I couldn't go outside. Who knew, thank you sir for this information.

  15. Of course she did, it's America

  16. That is terrible that some people are so malicious that because they don't like her politics are willing to cause her harm. And look at Fox news go m going in on her. Disgusting

  17. Do you really want someone in power that wants to ban cow farts … Geeze that's the mentality of a 8 year old bar tender

  18. How frightening and sick is a society that people can be so swayed by malicious propaganda to the point of launching death threats!!! These propaganda machines shouldn't be permitted to do what they do without consequences!!

  19. The Right simply can’t disagree with her, they have to make her out to be the Antichrist!

  20. Before I saw this video I was already concerned with her safety. Can we please protect this lady?

  21. I can't stand the people who say this about her she is the complete opposite. I can see her being president one day and she would make an awesome 1 at that she's all business no big money taken she doesn't own anybody anything except the public at large in her district which I believe might be Brooklyn and not sure. She is amazing and we need more people in Congress like her hair hit DRS.

  22. "You won't be able to walk outside your door without getting shot", we should feel right at home then.
    I'd just love to take a look inside their tiny brain to see the imaginary world in which they live.

    We have over 30,000 gun related deaths every year, more than all other civilized country in the world combined. Maybe he just overlooked that little fact.

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