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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Shames Government Corruption And Trump Is Making The Deficit Worse

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Shames Government Corruption And Trump Is Making The Deficit Worse

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez wants to get CEOs out of Washington. Trump is incredibly incompetent. Get exclusive access to our best content. http://tyt.com/GETACCESS

Cenk Uygur and John Iadarola, hosts of The Young Turks, break it down.

Hosts: Cenk Uygur, John iadarola

Cast: Cenk Uygur, John Iadarola


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  1. The Old Jurks. Libs are fools

  2. The Chinese spy on phone uses WOW , The five eyes spies on the whole world, EVERYTHING

  3. No seriously, shut up Cenk. Tweeting shit out doesn't represent progress and 'what we've gotten,' yet. Don't shove shit down my throat. I'm waiting to see how much of a fight our Justice Representative have. Thanks.

  4. This troll likes to troll the opposition.

  5. CEOs are the most entitled people in the planet.

  6. Seems like Trump and the gop are TRYING to destroy farmers. It sure FEELS like Agenda 21 is something that could be real.

  7. If rich people have that much time to talk on the phone to Congresspersons, maybe that means they are a crappy friend and are lonely. Rich people are weird and cruel.

  8. You should give TYT memberships to right-wingers who only watch Fox.

  9. I find it hilarious how these trust fund brats want us all to be scared of them. They really don't realize that we can't be scared of spoiled man-babies that haven't worked a day in their life. trump included 😂

  10. With all due respect Cenk,
    it is more complicated than tariffs are paid by American consumers.
    The price that is charged is determine by the market. If the price rises the total count of things sold drops.
    Companies should always sell every item for the maximum price that it can get.
    While increases in taxes are an expense increase, it isn't true that all increases in expenses can actually be passed on to be paid by the ultimate buyer. Perhaps the Chinese comp. will reduce its price to the American importer. Perhaps the importer will reduce his price to distributers. Perhaps the distributers will cut thir prices to the retailers. Etc.
    I predict this wlll be deleted.

  11. who created the No Filter show

  12. I am disappointed that I did not hear much focus about Ocasio, just mostly stuff to put Trump in a negative light. In India, communism has resulted in college students killing landowners for not paying their tuition.

  13. note 2 ivanka trump: do not go to china, well actually maybe you should go visit china, actually go there asap! go ahead and have your maid, sorry personal assistant, pack a few bags, or just throw some money into a huge suitcase, and go have fun in china! i would bet money on them (the chinese) doing the exact same thing that they (the usa) did to sabrina meng!

  14. AOS backs Pelosi so that makes her a fraud and a sham just like the young turds who worship her.

  15. So telling the reason why representatives, elected by the people, are not getting anything done for the people when orientation alone consists of nothing but corporate CEOs. Bernie is getting things done.

  16. Lost in the story of tax cuts and deficits is the fact that spending has mushroomed since the Clinton years. We would have surpluses today but governments are addicted to spending because it buys votes. It's a pretty simple truth.

  17. Cortez is surprisingly ignorant of basic economics (doesn't she have a degree in it?) which makes me wonder if her embrace of marxist ideas is genuine or she just lucked out and landed a $179,000 a year job and is role playing. When Obama was President Democrats scolded those who criticized his annual deficits, they called them deficit fetishists.

    That's what bothers me so much about the left and right, the glaring bias, the unrepentant hypocrisy. It's almost an axiom that those in power suddenly lose interests in deficits, Democrats so they can fund their programs, Republicans for their tax cuts that are unaccompanied by spending cuts.

  18. How are representatives supposed to work for the people in their district?

  19. the part of assad is not even funny,,,,

  20. Hey baker, the corruption in your shithole country is s prime example of what happens when republicans run the country

  21. Love you guys ❤🙌❤

  22. Quote a rookie dump ass"s

  23. TYT = Vanguard of the Revolution. 2 STRONG!

  24. The bit about having to call donors to beg for money. That's old news, right? I heard that years ago on the Daily Show for Comedy Central.

  25. You know, Al Franken in his last book described the inner workings of the Senate including how he spent 2/3rds of his time on the phone begging for money. Just weeks after his book came out Al was accused of sexual harassment, and drummed out of the Senate on a joke photo and the word of a Republican woman. I'm sure though that the fact that he was telling people what really went on had nothing to do with it though.
    This kind of shit is why many people didn't want Corporate Rep Nancy Pelosi to lead the Democrats again. I hope Cortez keeps bringing us the inside info, and manages to avoid what happened to Franken.

  26. Yes, Rashida Tlaib!! 😄💜👍🏼💜😄

  27. Well, Gary Cohen is something, alright… a criminal. That’s what he is, if you ask me. 😜😁

  28. Be V-nonymous. 😉💜😁

  29. Ha ha – I can't get enough of Cenk's impressions of Trump talking!!!

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