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Alienware Area 51m Hands-On: A gaming laptop with an upgradable CPU & GPU at CES 2019

Alienware Area 51m Hands-On: A gaming laptop with an upgradable CPU & GPU at CES 2019

From the beginning, Alienware computers have been built with hardcore gamers in mind — that explains the stylish cases and aggressive designs, which helped spark the rise of bold gaming PCs. But the Alienware brand was initially inspired by The X-Files and ’90s-era science fiction, and that aesthetic hasn’t evolved much since then. Now, it’s time for something different.

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  1. "Hands on"? You seem a tad confused.

  2. First time seeing a Dell Laptop costing you @ most over 5000 USA.

  3. Will be buying it in black, had some bad experiences with white laptops in the past, I don’t game while eating cheetos and i play with my hands clean but overtime they develop a yellowish stain/tint were your hands rest. Unless does anyone know if the finish inside has a clear coat finish or matte?

  4. What's up with that power bricks? Is this thing portable or not?

  5. the speakers look smallish and a woofer doesn't seem to be there! and does it have dedicated audio solution for the headphones(such as the DTS Headphone:X support on the HP OMEN)

  6. I'm be more interested in a mid range laptop with an AM4 socket for use with an APU.

  7. Too much Heat, Batterylife, Fast charging and an amazing keyboard …. I will stop asking cuz they never improve these 😥😥😥😥

  8. It is also heavy i want 3 pounds😅

  9. they should have released 18'' model with 3 internal fans, 1 for CPU ( idk if its wise idea to put desktop cpu in a laptop, considering how hot this i7's are nowdays, even on water) and 2 for GPU with massive heatsinks, like it was before. this is just meh.


  11. Dell gets top praise for making what PC enthusiasts always wanted an fully upgradeable laptop ..now as far as Area 51 specifically. Why would you upgrade a laptop that has the highest end components already in it ..kinda ruins it for you Dell..now build it with the G5 and G7 line and they will come.

  12. Before you get too excited guys…

    I got a very high end alienware LT a good few years ago, with supposedly "upgradable graphics". Unfortunately, they were only upgradable with proprietary hardware (which was never stated anywhere); hardware that alienware never bothered to actually make.

    Regarding the laptop itself, I've never had such a poor experience with a company's piece of tech or their customer "service". After complaining about graphical errors (banding and geometry issues) on machine, Alienware kept it for over 6 months for "repair", before (after many, many emails to their utterly incompetent service team) finally sending me an obviously refurbished laptop which died a couple of weeks after return (I didn't even get my own hard drive back, despite the issues being gfx related).

    Safe to say, I would never ever get anything from alienware ever again, and would deeply advise against it.

    Be safe all

  13. Why did you write 'hands on' when you obviously dont have hands on it? Reported

  14. They call this THICC 17 inch laptops portable AIO thank asus for coming up with that.

  15. Damn… This beast looks so damn beautiful

  16. How can you upgrade the CPU if every year Intel requires a new motherboard?

  17. Everyone I just returned my Alienware 17 that I bought in November because of the new units. Please return yours if you bought one! IT is worth getting the new system. Don't fall for the Black Friday or Boxing day prices! They have extended returns for the holidays.

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