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Alison Hartson at TYT's Revolution Rally (FULL SPEECH)

Alison Hartson at TYT's Revolution Rally (FULL SPEECH)

Leader of the TYT Army Alison Hartson’s speech at TYT’s Revolution Rally in Des Moines, Iowa. http://tyt.com/pledge

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  1. Very inspiring. I wish we had something as strong as TYT in the UK!

    My only quibble is that in making getting the money out of politics the prime objective, you are targeting an effect rather than getting at the root cause. George Washington would tell you it's the parties you need to get out of politics. Once you have wrested democracy back from the vested interested parties who have captured it for their own exclusive use, then you can get the money out on a case by case basis by having the right of recall for communities to bring recalcitrant Representatives (or Presidents) to be held to account for accepting bribes and failing their duty to represent their electorates.

  2. I wish I could have been there!

  3. Who on earth is this woman? Of course we know her name but little else. She has avoice more associated with six year old girls doing a screaming contest. She is not relevant to anything.

  4. Allison must become the senator from California, then senate majority leader. Great job Allison!

  5. She went from 2nd to 9th after Cenk became her campaign manager.

  6. Its just more Neo-Commie gibberish, drivel and tripe.

  7. Her dad is from Iowa….Jesus what a stretch..my grandmother is from Belgium…doesn't mean shit

  8. Biden increased lead on Bernie in latest Iowa poll…..so..another repeat of 2016..grats to Trump 2020

  9. Keep it up! You rule!!!!

  10. MSNBC,CNN,The Young Turks and the media is very actively trying to control and direct what information they want the public to hear,
    rather than truly reporting the news, or interviewing people to get their take on issues,
    and to perhaps fully interview all sides in a controversy and then let the American public decide for themselves what to think,
    For a group to accept a set of beliefs uncritically is not freedom it's indoctrination.

  11. She is really happy with how many people flew from another state and drove a long way, because she is so concerned about climate change. I wonder why there isn't any pictures of the size of the audience, or did I miss it.

  12. 1 ton of carbon to fly from California to Des Moines…think about it..thanks tyt for taking a little more time off our planets clock

  13. The third big lie is that human activities are destroying our environment and indeed the earth itself. The driving force behind the extreme environmental community is a Marxist / socialist political con game designed to fool the people into giving them power over the world’s industrial community. They’ve done this not out of any real concern over the environment. Their motive is simply to enrich themselves and their political supporters and aid & abet the globalists and their parent organization the UN, which has morphed itself from an organization dedicated to maintaining world peace into an international cabal of sociopaths intent on literally ruling the world.

  14. TYT and the Jewish supremacists are weaponizing the White vindictive lesbian dog ladies.

  15. Convincing the American people that the rich and their “greedy” corporations have attained their wealth by ripping-off and unfairly exploiting the poor
    Nothing could be further from the truth. On a superficial level it’s an irrational argument,
    because the rich obviously can’t get rich unless the masses can afford to buy their products and services,
    so it’s simply not in their best interests to keep the masses poor. As it turns out, that’s the Progressive’s job.
    As any student of Austrian economics will tell you, everyone benefits in a free market system.

  16. Hey Alison …Proud of ya

  17. Wow that's weird, My Notification says I got 47 likes in 37 minutes?? But When I check the video my likes aren't there 🙂

  18. Hah, nothing intelligent coming from Trump's deluded followers on this comment section.

  19. Support the Straight Pride March in Boston and Remember, It's OK to be white

  20. Support the Daily Stormer

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