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Alissa Violet Slams Jake Paul & Faze Banks Fight | Hollywoodlife

Alissa Violet Slams Jake Paul & Faze Banks Fight | Hollywoodlife

Alissa Violet reacts to Jake Paul & Faze Bank’s potential boxing match. Logan wants people to roast him. Plus – Are Deji & KSI finally patching things up?
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Despite Jake Paul, 20, putting his ex-girlfriend, Alissa Violet, 21, on blast, she seems to be the one who is hashtag, winning, right about now. As you may know, fans caught screenshots of a now deleted tweet he sent out on Nov. 12, that claimed he and Alissa split because she slept with his brother, Logan Paul, 22. Jake stirred up that drama at the same time he was in a back and forth battle with his former Team 10 members, The Martinez Brothers, Ivan and Emilio. The brothers claimed Jake bullied them, and as a result, they parted ways with him. Jake has since issued a public apology to the brothers. Now, HollywoodLife.com has EXCLUSIVELY learned that Alissa, who lived with Jake when they were dating, can relate to the brothers’ struggles inside the home [Team 10] they all shared. But, she’s much happier now that she’s away from Jake.

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Jake Paul’s Ex Alissa Violet’s ‘Never Been Happier’ After He Claims She Slept With His Brother

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Alissa Violet Slams Jake Paul & Faze Bank Fight | Hollywoodlife


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  1. Error in the previous upload

    Also, Jake vs Faze or Jake vs Chris Brown?

    or….Jake vs Logan?

  2. DEJI is only trying to patch things up with his brother so he could move in with him

  3. Keep pewdiepie out of this

  4. pewdiepie just doesn't care if logan paul roast him because he's a boss

  5. And if they thing that Logan Paul is gonna win in the fight have issues

  6. Who ever likes Jake Paul and Logan Paul are so gay

  7. That’s so mean to come at his accent

  8. Not a jake pauler but she knows her boy gonna get smashed

  9. Oii guess what deji

    I have a bedroom with a bed aswell

  10. Ok so let's be honest if jake got in the ring with rikke then we all know who is gone win . If u look at rikke then look at jake bro tikka is a beast compared to jake so if won't end well

  11. Who even gives af about that deji and ksi shit. Its all fake there brothrs. They were losing views and there doing this to brimg them back

  12. I would love to beat the fuck outta jake and that sad fuck Logan

  13. Tbh I'm so annoyed with Jake already he will literally do anything for attention like bro grow up already your 21 YEARS OLD your a grown up already and you act like a 15 year old I cant believe his parents are actually proud of him if I was his mom I would have slaped him and told him GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER YOUR A GROWN ASS MAN YOU AINT A LITTLE KID NO MORE!

  14. “Gayrage” “Jaycuzzi”

  15. “Gayrage” “Jaycuzzi”

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