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Alternative Energy | National Geographic

Alternative Energy | National Geographic

A new wave of technologies is on the verge of producing energy that’s clean, renewable, and most importantly, affordable.
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About National Geographic:
National Geographic is the world’s premium destination for science, exploration, and adventure. Through their world-class scientists, photographers, journalists, and filmmakers, Nat Geo gets you closer to the stories that matter and past the edge of what’s possible.

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Alternative Energy | National Geographic

National Geographic

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  4. using Alternative Energy the best way to save energy and money..

  5. Alternative energy, renewable energy, clean energy are not so cheap that everybody can afford using it.. thats the reality…

  6. If and if all people around the world will use renewable energy or specifically owns renewable sources, I wonder what will government do…  

  7. I've seen a lot of alternative energy ideas but of all of them, this one has the potential to eliminate reliance on coal and gas powered utilities, create jobs, make our roads safer, and propel the US as a leader in alternative energy.    https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/solar-roadways 

  8. alternative energies are a bad joke.

  9. I'd love to see how affordable it actually is.

  10. Oh, it's on NatGeo. It's just basically all talk but you will never see these technologies until shit hits the fan.

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  12. Yo no se, yo vine por Artemio (alguien que me diga un comentario de una pagina para esto)

  13. "Proving that renewable energy is viable remains a struggle…at least in America"

  14. “Alternative Energies at School” is a research project that seeks to establish the thematic and methodological parameters for a curriculum in the area of technology focused entirely on the renewable energies. Eng. Luis Arturo Vera Barrios. Bogotá – Colombia

  15. Why is it called alternative energy ,energy is the same whatever the source

  16. A better grasp of the English and English grammar would improve your reply – But I still stand by my original post and it's not a good idea to have global economies based on OIL !. I suggest you improve your education before you reply – Google 'peak oil'

  17. I have part German in me so if i ever go to college im gunna go to Burkely or however its spelled ill have enough time to learn that lol but i want to do all of my projects with Germany so we can benifit not only The German Economy but America as well go team America!!!

  18. learn how to use the resources of planets everything is a resourcre take that into consideration ur poop is the stench of success possibly lol

  19. Type 1 civilization in 20 years cuz im gunna live forever perhaps lol

  20. u tell me fellow beings is it highly inconcievable to understand such

  21. to the world and just when a new creature had decided to spook him have we might of that far just leave the couterparts of are instinct and humanity behind and possibly go underwater possibly become photogenic beings that reproduce assxually i don't know but the flowers he got from Weina shows humanity still hasnt left the Earth even in a sort of post inconcievable world yet concievable

  22. there is "the big rift or drift' but it makes sence how do u connect to spheres with in Sphericle Geometry all u need is use Euclidean geometry which in this case is the use of a timeline and to view it like H.G. Wells The Time Machine he descibes it as this contorting feeling and he only survived it from the protection of his time machine possibly cuz he used Earth like materials wierd part is he left before he trully could understand what the world had come to he viewed a microcosm compared..

  23. their almost dead space time contuam to ours the AI's we invented in the future came back in time to save us as a last resort human beings from the other dimension of the long time line created them to help us reach are maximum in technology way much more faster than they were able dinosaurs were supposed to live longer they were hit with meteors and layers of irridium that have leveled past lives of us yes i am native american lol but seriously it kind of makes sence i am skeptical of why…

  24. elements passed the exploding carbon after the cobalt merge with oxygen if i am right now what comes after carbon and how many more natural elements are within the periodical table trust me we got a while before our universe begins again like the pythagorians and the stoics and indian cultures believe problem is there looks like a ripple in our space time continuam i think it might possibly be AI we created in the future yet since the future hasnt happened yet it created a ripple connecting…

  25. u got different elements the element that hits us is like my peer said eastarial said helium comes from the sun well in other solar systems its almost different we are only just breaking the surface of science yet the tools are at our reach yet we dont want to beat that game in other solar systems they have different chemicals being released during the cycle of amazing supergiants and oxygen giants well heres the problem the universe is so young that it is at the process of producing more

  26. form of well oxygen and nitrogen because they hit each other its almost like a new form of lithium when u think about it one that has a dacaying rait that lasts only a blink of the eye perhaps it happens faster during a solar storm we think its the solar particles that kill the electonics well no its molecular lighting particles that are at such an extreamly rate of speed and let me tell u ohh the speed of the suns light is that speed well thats not the only speed……..

  27. sorry scratch the second lightning solor flares and storms and sunbursts i am a very tired person but the reason the sun has sunspots is for that reason to keep the weather of our solar systems planets going and the reason of global warming is beacause we faced a minumum and now we are facing a maximum which could restore any little carbon monoxide dioxide ripples ohh and the magnectic field hits the ozone layer to eexciting the particles to make it move around and porduce a natural electron…

  28. and thats another way to predict the weather

  29. storms because theres a simple wordplay conection it doesnt matter if we came om with the terra form it all begane with the helio form

  30. yes u are smart now y dont we mess with the strong force of this universe and so to say magnetivity litttle propelling magnets aroud our world perhaps our own magnetivity electro-magnetivity that is the strong force my mystake and we use that to supply our world with a stronger magnetic field to protect us from solar storms and give are world elctricity and the whole reason with lighting on Earth is the cause of the interaction of lightning to our magnetic field and thats why we call storms…

  31. Another answer is to reduce global population…

  32. I agree with you, the current oil-based economy is definitely unsustainable. However I don't believe that we would have to reduce the amount of power we consume. I strongly believe that if we can safely master Fusion power in the next century or so, we will have a clean energy source that will last for well over the life span of our planet. There is enough Deuterium in sea water to sustain the average energy output in 1995 for over 150 billion years.

  33. How the hell does that even happen

  34. I think there is plenty of jobs/money to be made with alternative energy, but yea that's probably not the answer like MYOZONE said. So we should just keep doing what we usually do and hope less and less people drive their cars, fly on airplanes, or take their boat trips. Problem solved……….

  35. Pfff ethanol is as contaminating as petrol. The crisis is not about supply(controlled), its about cleanliness. rubish

  36. "Enhanced Geothermal System" FTW!

  37. Search for Star Scientific Limited. Looks like they have solved the problem with muon catalyzed fusion

  38. i want to learn hjow to create alternative enageys

  39. @Makeames91 I really don't get how it would… I mean I'm Christian and I honestly don't care what religion you are or if you're not religious at all.

  40. Nuclear Plant sucks.

    otherwise we will suck..

  41. Oh, Youtubers are such a special breed of special… a video about alternative energy spawns a religious debate.

  42. Man… If only we had used all the money we spent in the wars in the middle east instead of to rage war, but instead to invest on green energy. Wars don't make our world safe and secure, gradually moving us to a more sustainable fuel source is what will make it happen. oil and coal are finite sources and cause lots of polution, and the population will be above 8 billion by 2040,
    we should had used that money to invest in making green energy better, and more of it.

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