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Amazing Facts About Lack of Media Coverage of Climate Change

Amazing Facts About Lack of Media Coverage of Climate Change


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  1. The viewers aren't convinced the sky is falling.

  2. Is he for real? Lack of coverage?! They cover it a lot but if they stopped covering trump for five minutes maybe they would give climate change the “appropriate” amount of coverage.

  3. Its no fair that we have to live vicariously by mother earth while our frontier forefathers could run wild without suggestion. It really is. But at least I dont have polio right now.

  4. Al Gore said we'd be under water by now. Shut up Chunk.

  5. CNN is covering climate change.

  6. We're still coming out of an Ice Age, too.
    Now , add , 3,000 aircraft flights in the atmosphere at any one time.
    along with vessels at sea, and transportation combustion engines of trains , trucks and route daily systems .
    Now , through in all the personal SUVs , and such.
    Would that even compare to all the, stacks belching toxic gases ?
    and , its now known the planets oceans have holes continually throwing up into the total too .
    Why ? Would any GOV try ?
    They Don't have that card ….
    What to do ?
    Not to Worry !
    When AEYE is finally realized !
    The design will happen one day ,
    build the next day ,
    and ,
    be out doing its duty on the next .
    AEYR will emulate our tool behavior too !
    it will have to ,after realizing what kind of mess created it .

    AND THE CHILDREN. of the Whole Wide World are Watching !

  7. I heard Al Roker mention climate change one time on the Today Show and never heard him say anything about it again. NBC exects must have had a little talk with him.

  8. There was an uncovered billion dollar fire around Dollywood in Gatlinburg, Tennessee about eighteen months ago. This was a temperate rain forest until we messed up the weather. These people didn't have any warning system, much less a warning! No surprise that the government has done nothing for them so far. Get all the insurance you can no matter where you live. The Tennessee fire was like the Camp fire in California. So hot and fast , total destruction! It's all because Donald Trump!!!

  9. Cenk 10 percent of what?

  10. Cenk!! You killed it on CNN!! Love seeing people make sense on CNN. They need to realize how out of touch they are with the rest of the world.

  11. Not covering the invasion at the border huh?.. Did you see where alex cotex compared the invasion at the border to the jewish hollocaust?.. Lol.. Keep defending that half wit slag chenk..lol.

  12. Saw Cenk on Brian Stelter's Show. He was excellent

  13. Man made Climate change will kill everything… and all this is preventable if humanity becomes Mother Earths defender

  14. If this is a Rights thing… Cool, we are all having our Rights Violated for the Profit of a few. Science doesn't care what idiot shit you believe.

  15. thank you so much, Cenk. you did a great job.

  16. What would happen if all the human made pollution stopped (not possible)? Would the history of Earth's climate change anyway? Would those dastardly cows and Volcanoes stop contributing to it? Or the ever burning coal fires? Real questions, even though I'd love to be trolling I am serious. What are your answers since you want to talk about it?

  17. "It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it."  Aristotle

    Not enough people following this golden rule.  Way too many polarized sheep/soldiers on the right and left that accept cookie cutter platforms just because it's popular to belong in a group.

  18. Screw screw climate change our southern border is being invaded and all you guys care about is a hoax they busted through the border last night our military had to stop them

  19. Hoax!!! Climate change is nonsense noaa was caught manipulating the numbers!!!

  20. I am concerned about deforestation, a shortage of recycled materials, GMO food, dumping toxic liquids and gases into the environment. Global warming or global cooling not really. I think it's much more complicated than just releasing lots of CO2 into the atmosphere. Smog is a real concern, especially with people that suffer from asthma, but I think it has to do with a lack of scrubbers on industrial chimneys and diesel consuming vehicles, not greenhouse gases as such. There is a lot of nuance between real environmentalism and fake environmentalism. Fake environmentalism distracts from real environmentalism and exists as an excuse to raise taxes. It does not take astronomical factors into consideration, it just makes a lot of half-ass assumptions.

  21. no point in covering it, we can't do anything about it
    they should cover jewish supremacy and its destructive effects on the west

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