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Amazing Weight Loss Transformations / How to Lose Weight

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  1. Some of these transformations are making me go WOW!

  2. Что там на английском написано то ?Интересно знать

  3. you need to eat pasta and white rice… because you do not keep water fluids

  4. Hee hafta gelsin böyle videolar👍❤

  5. One day, i will send U befor and after pic and i hope U put it in your videos ❤

  6. Just try to lose one pound, that’s all. Doesn’t matter if it takes you 3 days or 2 weeks. Just lose one pound. Done it? Okay, lose another one…

  7. Mother fucker fat girl son of the bitch

  8. why does there have to be a before and after stamp i think
    we can figure that one out

  9. Hi I'm gate diet and going to game but not lose weght y

  10. lost 7kg… trying to loose 8kg more… thankyou soo much for the motivation❤❤❤❤

  11. I am 70 and need to lose almost 23 plz how can I lose 😭😭😭

  12. I started my weight loss journey at 350lb (25stone) and lost 167lb (75kg) down to 12stone 13lb In time for my wedding day.
    On request I am going to post a transformation video and try post any advise videos etc, even if I enspire one person to lose weight I will be happy, I'll work on my video over the next few days and upload,
    Can anyone subscribe to my channel just so I can see if the join thing is working, you can remove afterwards (gimme 30mins) if you dont want to see my transformation, Thank You in advance 🙂

  13. Thank you for another awesome video! ♥

  14. I ever done diet (and exercise too) for like 2 months and it dont work, bcs i drink less water and eat only once a day. The result iss =
    I went to hospital and only -3kg 😂 good for me.. im gonna try again by drink a lot of water.. wish me luck 😖💖

    Sorry for my grammar 😂 bcs im indonesian 😁✌

  15. Does anyone knows the music that is playing in this video?

  16. Thank you for sharing it inspired a lot of people. 👍

  17. Whyyy can't i do that 😣, i want to but i don't have the willpower😞

  18. Water fasting for weight loss

  19. As soon as i start my job imma lose 15 or 20lbs by august 23 wish me luck i hope i can get my job before june

  20. 👍👍👍💛💙💜💚💜

  21. Damn dude I can’t wait to post mine

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