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Amazing Weight Loss Transformations

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  1. It took me 6 years to gain 100 pounds, and I have to remind myself that I can't loose that in only a few months! I plan on fully starting my Journey in December when I graduate college and be in better shape by next May when I walk with the rest of my class.

  2. I am so fat!! I feel like but I do waan get my body to change and these videos make me feel like I can make it where I want to be but with my parents having to work all day I can’t really exercise that well but I’m still trying! NEVER GIVE UP PEOPLE!!!

  3. How we can lose weight without extra skin ??please help me 🙏🙏

  4. Thanks for the video u shared to us, it makes me feel more determinated to push my diet as well as my exercise at the same time. Its been two weeks now since started on my journey thanks it helped me a lot😄😄😄 womens power encouragement

  5. I already lost 36kg but got stuck for months going for another 5-10kg with max fat loss and more muscle growth this motivates me 🙂

  6. I was 140.8
    I since went down one pound, I know it isnt much. (138.6)
    But its only been a week, i hope to drop to 100 or 110 pounds by Christmas.
    I've been intermediate fasting, and exercising!
    I want to leave this comment here so I can continue to update, see ya until I drop more weight!
    And if anyone knows any good exercises or diets, please feel free to share!
    It would help not only me but other people in the comments!
    Feel free to share your progress with me or have someone to talk too!
    (Edit: I've realized a spelling mistake, my brain didnt let me leave it.)

  7. great video very motivating

  8. That last one carries her weight well.

  9. It's hard but so worth it! Down 24lbs in two months!!!

  10. Back on track after passing of my cat to stomach cancer. I was there when she took her first and last breath. R.I.P Hope. Just easing back into it. Most is just water weight. 🏋️🔥Thanks for encouragement ✌️

  11. Step on the scale this mourning weighted 185lbs 😣😟😭

  12. Wow amazing transformations. We are all capable of it💪♥️ good video.

  13. Cok guzelsiniz. Darısı başımıza 😊

  14. I know it can be done and I am on my journey. Honestly, though, sometimes it is so freakin hard!!!!! 😳 These videos help with motivation. Thanks

  15. Your videos helped inspire and motivate me as I was losing weight. Over the course of a year I lost half my body weight and surpassed my original weight loss goal. I’m learning how to maintain at my new weight now. Thank you so much for all your inspirational videos!

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