Amazon employees struggle with new robot co-workers: Report

Crossmark Global Investments’ Victoria Fernandez discusses Amazon and automation in the workplace, as well as Netflix and how the streaming wars will play out in 2020.


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  1. Andrew Yang is the only candidate talking about this issue.

  2. Robots don't complain, get stressed or ask for "living wages".

  3. If there's one thing people are good at, it's undermining their fellow employees… get creative.

  4. Took a ride in my self-driving car to Walmart to buy a robot vacuum. While waiting in the self-checkout line I saw a robotic floor cleaner go by and then a robotic stock checker. The future is now. 🤖

  5. Jetsons cartoon coming true!

  6. Millennials wanted to much for the low paying jobs. Now they still won't get it when they are being replaced by automated workers.🤦🤣

  7. I'm still not going to stop buying from Amazon. lol. So I'm supposed to stop buying from Amazon because their employees have it rough? I work at a bakery that makes muffins, cookies and bread, and as part of the muffin side, we had it rough for the better part of 2019 and had to work through lots of issues into overtime. Yet, people want to gripe about Amazon's work conditions? The plain fact is that there is always someone who has it worse than you. Count your blessings that you're even employed with Amazon at all.

  8. Victoria twin of Ivanka😉.
    Amazon robots must be having troubleshooting services with co-workers and customers. Their administrator must have fixed the troubles with robot's or else short-circuit them.

  9. robbots are mobbing the human colleagues

  10. I almost got run over by r2d2 the auto floor scrubber machine at Walmart. That's a messed up s***to wipe out all those businesses and Mom and Pop stores and then start firing people and replacing with robots. I will be shopping at stores that do not have robot workers.

  11. Netflix is trying to be the king of woke. Get woke go broke.

  12. Bezos is a dictator. God help us if he ever makes it to the White House.

  13. Amazon Warehouse worker? Not good. I would try to be a delivery driver they get bank.

  14. Nothing like customer satisfaction!! Lol

  15. Learn to Code !
    Time for a New Occupation……

  16. Tech is the end of people's careers. Giving training is the end

  17. Lmao automation is just getting started. 2030 will be a sight to see.

  18. We have our children grandchildren great grandchildren and so.

  19. I quit buying from Amazon. I think I bought 5 or 6 things over the years. I like independent book sellers or Ebay, depending on what I need. If I need something that fast, I'll go to a store.

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