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Amazon Fires 'So Much Worse Than Before' | National Geographic

Amazon Fires 'So Much Worse Than Before' | National Geographic

In Porto Velho, capital of a Brazilian state ravaged by recent fires, residents are on edge and falling ill from the pervasive smoke. A hymn describes the city’s sky as forever blue, but now it’s grey with smoke.
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Read more in “Near the Amazon fires, residents are sick, worried, and angry”

Amazon Fires ‘So Much Worse Than Before’ | National Geographic

National Geographic

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  1. Satellite data from Brazil’s National Institute for Space Research (INPE) has shown an increase of almost 85 percent in fires across the country from 2018, mostly in the Amazon region. To learn more, you can read on here: https://on.natgeo.com/33VPjox


  3. So sad.All the animals and forrest-living people.😢

  4. Yall be saying "i lost hope on humanity" but maybe yall keep forgetting, WE ARE HUMANITY

  5. They didn't even do anything!!!!!!!

  6. I think the obvious solution is "cause massive social unrest and get all the brazilians to move north into the USA, in my opinion. Mega region Propaganda.

  7. No more mosquitoes flies in amazon….

  8. Aren't most of the lands being burnt. Agricultural? Half of the pictures being shared by celebrities are misleading as well. It's sad that you can't even get straight news with accurate info anymore

  9. In the mean time, she has a lot of books made of paper made of trees… Just saying.

  10. It's heart touching now were is going animals

  11. We are reason, as we increase population, consumerism, Hedonism so increase in consumption
    So need of timber for production of paper, furniture, charcoal,
    Increased Need of agriculture and livestock farming for meat, beef, animal products.
    Increased need of metals, so mining.
    Deforestation gives wood, land for mining, agriculture farming, ranching or livestock farming, industries, roads, urban development. So all over the world deforestation done.

  12. Wait so is the forest being burned on purpose???

  13. maybe next AVATAR will be in Amazon sadly.
    Stand up everyone to protect Amazon 😤😤

  14. Just put a bucket of water over it smh 🤦🏼‍♂️

  15. Trees also has Life… ignorant people they'd also just killed the animals. HEARTLESS!

  16. Why are they burning it again?

  17. 😭😭😭🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

  18. If every one in the world stands together and speak up for what they truly believe then change is possible .until then the world is in the hands of others..

  19. the Amazon is 670 million acres….less than two million acres have burned. people are freaking out about "the lungs of the planet" and all the trees burned. where are those people when over five million acres of national forest burns EVERY YEAR in the U.S.? stupid people buy into fake news.

  20. May Allah Sub'han Wata'alaa protect us from these disasters!!

  21. Now the only hope we have i.e God
    Because Brazil government is doing nothing to control forest fire

  22. Chinese buyers create greediness and loss of self respect in Brazilian business and political community.

  23. China must be doing it to move them some farmers over there :-0

  24. We need to get Amazon bank to it's original form, how the Nature made it. We need to do something ASAP!

  25. tanda akan datang adanya Dukhan, kiamat sebelom al masih dajjal keliling dunia

  26. I’m It’s like the movie the Lorax there taking all the trees..

  27. The problem won't change, untill the South American Government's change their law's !!

  28. People profiting from this are evil.

  29. Kata orang buat parit diameter besar , guna memutus api.

  30. Hi everyone. I want to help those affected by the fires, and those who are hurting during this time of crisis. I decided to create videos to provide healing and guidance to those in need and I think I can bring comfort to those with my wisdom. I am interested in how the animale can be our guides throughout our life, and this animal suffering causes me and others great pain. I am a new channel so any and all support would be so appreciated. Thank you so much, sending you all love during this time.

  31. Destroyed amazon 🌴🌳🌵he doing this – president Bolsonaro devil 😈👹👽

  32. European people are mad to make Brazil their colony once again…. You can get into our forest, but one thing I can assure, you’ll never go out ….

  33. Earth just needs to hit the reset button again a little sooner than later

  34. Please tell how amazon caught fire ??

  35. Plzzz do something please let to save amazone😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  36. Really!?? So now Brazil is the responsible for the entire global climate change because Amazon forest is " burning" ? And also because there are some actors and actresses who just want to show up to the world by saying " Please people save the Amazon forest." ?" Amazon forest belongs" to the world…" I see… After Europe , USA and many others so called " first world" countries exterminate 80% of the forests that belong to THEM so NOW you people are " concerned" with OUR brazilian Amazon rainforest ? HYPOCRITES!! Amazon forest ALWAYS presented fire in some part of it in its 5.5 million years of existence. Brazilian native indians ALWAYS burned some plants and small pieces of that landscape. IF Amazon rainforest still EXIST that is thanks to US BRAZILIANS who have taking care of it. IF USA and people from Europe would have Amazon rainforest as their possession, there would be nothing resting from this landscape. Besides, of course, we brazilians are aware of the RICHNESS Amazon forest represents with its fauna and flora and WE also KNOW how you people disire it right? In addition, I have to ask you this: what have you people done for the existence of Amazon rainforest? NOTHING! Please you who are reading this don't be fooled by this fake midia l. Stop this manipulation and nonsense! Amazon rainforest is very good THANK TO US BRAZILIANS. Now, do us a favor: go mind your own bussiness. Greetings from BRAZIL and OUR Amazon rainforest.🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

  37. They too need their economy to grow. So just make your own Amazon Forest on your country state back yard field.

  38. Repairing the Amazon Rainforest will approximately take 1.17e+13 years due to the 390 Billion Astrocaryum murumuru trees which are dominant in the rainforest and take about 30 years to grow                                                      ©  All rights reserved Yorka Seona  2019

  39. It, astounds me as to WHY? There, are no firemen from any country/ state, territory that are organized and on there way with the blessings from whoever there beaurocratic government is? I mean, that if a country has a major fire in another state here in Australia we would normally deploy services from firefighter volunteers from nearl all states, to go and help. Well, this is not, just a fire this is a killer of our species if people don't start doing something more pro active! YES, if i had the skills i would be first in line

  40. If we don't stop, we kill everything and everywhere, including ourselves. Bees are dying, but due to pesticides and parasites, we are dead within ten years without bees. Humans are a self-destructive species, and so far it looks like we're just dull and heartless idiots. Thank you.

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