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Amazon hiring 30,000 employees after AOC drove HQ2 out of NYC

Amazon is holding a nationwide job fair in hopes of hiring 30,000 new employees. People are lining the streets in Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Nashville, Seattle and Arlington, the home of Amazon’s second-largest headquarters. Amazon’s move to Arlington, Virginia comes after freshman congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez ‘chased’ the online retailer out of New York City. Fox News Correspondent Mark Meredith reports from Amazon Career Day in Arlington, Virginia.

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  1. Arlington deserves this, NYC doesn't
    Communist AOC! Keeping poverty alive with feelings

  2. she's waiting on apologies after Amazon said they ARE opening in Manhatten. not in her district, only 1500 jobs, not the 25,000 she lost. you're gonna be waiting a long time for those apologies .

  3. Not all jobs are good jobs, Amazon jobs are underpaid.

  4. Cities bid to get an Amazon in hq. Having an Amazon is like winning the lotto for a community..AOC should stick to tending bar. She’s hurting New York.

  5. Aoc does not represent us the majority of PRicans, here in NY or in our Nation PR.

  6. Not giving more tax break is fine, but the problem is she didn’t even negotiate with Amazon. Big L for AOC.


  8. Amazon is hiring 30,000 placeholders until their robotic replacements are in place.

  9. One day AOC will be the name of all types of brain diseases.

  10. Bend over New York, you voted her into office! Lmao

  11. Elliot Muntz: "HA-ha."

  12. What!….no CA. site? Darn.

  13. Just look how screwed up the politicians are in N.Y. & Ca. And without the electoral college these two states will be choosing every president. Do you really want these messed up states of Newsom and Cuomo to choose our leaders.

  14. Sorry but LOL. Now NYC’s economy will take quite a hit. Thanks to 1 stupid politician.

  15. So AOC was correct. There was no need to give Amazon welfare payments in order for them to expand business in New York. Corporate socialism adds zeros to the bank accounts of the wealthy, but it does nothing for the progress of the nation.

  16. AOC must die. AOC is a national pledge and burden holding is back from jobs and American success.
    Any color can be a American.
    Any legal Immigrant can become a American. Do bot listen to the lies of the left.

  17. Never in history has someone so unqualified cost Americans so many job.. but AOC did. Think about that!

  18. Wow 30,000 jobs that one childish, hypocritical, uneducated,delusional, glutinous, arrogant, ignorant, girl ran out of her constituents grasp ! I'm sure most in her district will be voting in a conservative/ republican to replace her and a vote for Trump seeing how he's the one to thank for our booming economy ! You know the demonazis, socialists, liberals and Islamics call it a recession ! Lmao !

  19. Ocasio Maduro Cortes. Stupid brainless communist.

  20. “Those jobs aren’t coming back”

  21. Stay away from new York Amazon don't give them a second chance they elected a moron to represent them so let them suffer

  22. Nashville job fair was an insane success !!!

  23. They are hiring because of Trump. Period

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