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Amazon Quietly Launches Fast Beauty Company, a Skin-Care Line

Skin-care lovers, here’s a question: What’s better than a good sheet mask? Answer: A sheet mask that’s affordable, highly Instagram-able, easy to get, full of highly concentrated ingredients, backed by science and a dermatologist, and works in just five minutes.

That’s the thinking behind Fast Beauty Company (or FBC, for short), a new skin-care line from sisters Simona and Diana Kubasova that just launched exclusively on Amazon. The backstory of the brand goes like this: As models/influencers/globetrotters, the Kubasova sisters struggled to find skin-care products that worked — actually worked — fast enough to fit into their jam-packed schedules. So, they set about creating a line of products that did, partnering with dermatologist Dhaval Bhanusali and Amazon along the way.

The result is FBC, a line of super-cute sheet masks for the face, neck and décolletage, plus micellar wipes, exclusively available on Amazon (and yes, everything qualifies for Amazon Prime).

“While there are certainly many who enjoy 10-plus-step daily skin-care rituals, sometimes we just don’t have the time needed to do them,” Bhanusali says about the brand’s time-centric ethos. “When we were putting together Fast Beauty Company, we focused more on natural ingredients, higher concentrations, and how quickly we could get them to penetrate.”

With Bhanusali’s assistance in formulating, the first round of product launches from the brand feature several different lines, or collections, each of which target different skin issues and include at least a few different sheet mask options for various parts of the face, neck, and décolletage.

There’s the “Dive-In” collection, featuring hyaluronic acid and plant-based collagen to leave skin smooth, plump, and hydrated. There’s the “Clarity” collection, formulated with charcoal to help clear up blemishes and rosemary to even out skin tone. And finally, the “Drink Up” collection includes hibiscus, an anti-inflammatory ingredient, along with argan extract.

The team combined all of these ingredients into sheet masks (with very pretty packaging) that get the job done in just five minutes and all cost less than $15 (most are actually in the $5 to $8 range). “Fast Beauty Company was formulated to work fast for the busy professional who wants quality ingredients without sacrificing the time needed for them to work,” Bhanusali says.

To quickly clarify: The line is exclusively available on Amazon, but it’s not one of Amazon’s in-house brands. Future FBC launches to keep an eye out for, according to Bhanusali, include micro-needling patches, face and body scrubs, peel-off masks and “some unique, Instagram-worthy moisturizers.” He also hinted at more boundary-breaking skin-care products to come on Amazon, although we’ll all have to stay tuned for more details.

Shop Amazon’s Fast Beauty Company now at amazon.com.

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