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Amazon Wants To Question Trump Over Contact, Whistleblower Protections | NBC News NOW

Amazon wants to question President Trump after losing a $10 billion Pentagon tech contract. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer asks the inspector general to protect whistleblowers from retaliation.
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Amazon Wants To Question Trump Over Contact, Whistleblower Protections | NBC News NOW


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  1. Shut your mouth you dirty F-Media,, TRUMP WILL WIN 2020 because he's going to put the first Woman on the Moon,, how can female voters not vote for that??????????????????????????????????

  2. Who gives a s*** with the Amazon wants to do? There's socialist lovers And why is their vote more important than yours? Come on, America. Wake up. Are you finally seeing the corruption in the whole Democrat socialist dreamer party? Real patriotic Americans will vote red Remove every Democrat.

  3. Bloomberg at 15% and yet has not been to any debate. The Demo's just proved that money can buy anything including their votes, their loyalty , their minds and their souls. What a pathetic group.

  4. Hey nbc why don't you cover Gregory Timm at? Ya'll have been trying to stoke hate and fear leading to this situation. You should be ashamed of yourselves

  5. Papa murphy's won vs the Amazon investors

  6. In America, we have the right to face our accusers. If they don't step forward, then their words should mean nothing.
    God bless America
    God bless President Trump
    Trump 2020 – See Clearly

  7. Allison, you have been saying the n..word for a long time, now.

  8. Make America Great Or Get !Magog

  9. You cant fire people who work for you if you do them harm now your guilty.And Impeachment won't be enough.

  10. Michael Bloomberg audio Defending racial profiling and Defending "Stop & Frisk" throwing minority kids against the wall

  11. Over contract… Not contact

  12. Lol Trump won't have a dime, everyone is suing him.

  13. My computer has all the updates turned off. Yet my computer is now running on the cloud I do not want and I can no longer reset my computer with win 10.
    Microsoft has completely taken over my computer. It's called a monopoly and America should not stand for it. I do not want cloud technology controlling
    my life. Next thing you know, the power is off.

  14. "russia, Russia, RUSSIA"–NBC

  15. Trump hates Bezos, Micheal Bloomberg why because they billionaires and hes worth 1 million🤣🤪

  16. BEZOS! Never learned in Kindergarten…KEEP IT IN YOUR PANTS!

  17. I’m sorry, what world are we living in now where Amazon is deposing our government because they didn’t get a contract?

  18. Locusts, pestilence, and corruption at the highest levels, it looks like the Bible might be getting some new chapters real soon.

  19. Amazon needs to be broken up….

  20. Jeff bezos needs to buy Faux News..Oops Fubar News and Enquire! 😀🤣

  21. Now the liberals love the billionaire Bezos.

  22. Impeached Trump's opinions must always be ignored.

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