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Amazon's latest Alexa gadgets first look

Amazon's latest Alexa gadgets first look

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  1. It's amazing how Amazon hates Google but yet runs Android to power all of their stuff. Android that Google owns.. Stuff that if Google didn't update so frequently, all of their Amazon products would be crap.

  2. Give me one now, take my money!!!

  3. There is now an Alexa device designed for car use: The Garmin Speak.

  4. So you can talk to the spot like any of the others? Nobody has shown this.

  5. Awesome! Im a huge fan of Amazon Echo.

  6. great cinematography 😉

  7. The far-field technology isn't new. The original Echo had that. The better sound is new.

  8. I've seen the other comments, and generally don't reply nor comment when there is such negativity ,
    but I will this time.
    1. Not useless
    2. Not overpriced
    3. Needs and wants differ greatly .
    4. NSA doesn't care if your comparing prices of Ramin Pride Noddles.
    We gave the blue prints to them with that Snowjob.
    5. It's the way things are moving.
    AI, Robotics, Machine Learning, Nano Robotics, Predictive Analytics,
    Please stop being so paranoid. I am sure the first time we had fire there were skeptics.
    Nice work Amazon.

  9. And let me guess they will only be available in the US

  10. The spot is a good idea because I use my echo dot as an alarm clock and to have a small screen option is good. I like how amazon aren’t afraid to keep trying all sorts of new things. It’s refreshing compared to many other companies.

  11. Hey amazon, when are you gonna make the echo products available in Canada?

  12. I don't know why I never interested with every Amazon's product :/

  13. NSA in your home, only $100-$200

  14. Just what I never thought I needed and I don't need. Nobody does, actually…

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