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Amb. Kurt Volker goes one-on-one with Charles Payne

Ambassador Volker says it was a mistake for President Trump to withhold funding from Ukraine. #FoxBusiness

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  1. Just reading all the negative comments about Volker by Trump supporters. Maybe you should listen to the interview again because your starting to sound like Democrats. Everything he said supports Trump's position as did his testimony in the house also supported. The guy spoke in English Don't act like Democrats and speak without listening, it makes you look as dumb as them.

  2. Ask American taxpayers what they think after all it's their 💰…..

  3. This interview headline has put words into Volker's mouth that he did not actually speak. Listen.

  4. Corrupt-Geo political mafia created aid documents for KGB pipeline projects and real estate business upon morphed-forgery-cloned-Photoshopped documents-pictures of self owned proprietary-intellectual-properties and stealing ID-SSN-W2/W4-Income tax-TDS of President credential's and involved in wire transfer-electronic transfer of currencies and cloned accounts to sell lands-states-country into loaned banking to whom these concubines religious leaders owed a high sum of more than 1,200,000,000,000,000crore Indian🇮🇳rupees which is more than 16,788,000,000,000.00USD🇺🇸.

  5. Hope this idiot was fired too!

  6. Notice he didn't say Trump's actions were harmful, but IMPEACHMENT was damaging.

  7. Hmm , I wonder Mr. Volker , how has the Ukraine's ability to accept free $$$$ from the USA been hindered ?? …

  8. What about the damage it caused in America? He wants to protect the corrupted Ukraine. What a joke!

  9. Congress did not go by the Constitution in there closed door witch hunt.

  10. So Volker basic saying leave policy to DS. No thank you. Our President was correct. Congress instructed Obama to give Ukraine the javelins, but Obama and Biden sat on their hands. Permanently. Why wasn't Obama impeached?

  11. Volker has a supporter of the deep state

  12. I think Ambassadors should stop giving interviews

  13. This was future money distribution. Ukraine was dems piggy bank it was reported before president Trump.

  14. Dump Dictator Donald !!!!!!!

  15. What is clear the the Prez was investigating corruption that exist both in the US and the Ukraine created by the Dems. He had every right and reason to wait because of the corruption investigation. When that corruption scheme has been investigated further and finally becomes public, Volker will have mo means to write a book, other than to cover his own arse.

  16. Headline of video is misleading as hell. Fox has too many pink haired morons working for them now.

  17. Had him squeezed pretty good…. Squeaky squeaky another deepstate acthole

  18. Yet Obama held aid to Ukraine indefinitely, no problem there

  19. How come they weren’t upset when Obama did nothing?! Their reasoning just doesn’t make sense.


  21. STFU, Ukraine is the most corrupt country in that part of the world – NO aid until they account of all the previous money and criminals are brought to justice.

  22. Volker is another do-nothing political hack, disguised as a diplomat, testing the waters for a book deal. Selensky, Trump and Putin are putting Ukraine and Russia back together again, and really don't need the ill will of the Volker's ilk in the MIC screwing up the works.

  23. If the Obama Administration already bought and paid for Ukraine then President Trump can do with it as he pleases. The US Government bought Burisma and Burisma bought our Politicians, so we own their oil and they can take possession of our politicians right after their convictions.

  24. Why couldn't Volker get his cut?

  25. He is a liar and he doesn't have the right to go against the President Trump. He supposed to work for President Trump. He is corrupted and deep state. There is nothing wrong you idiot. He didn't want to send the money without checking for corruption. Also that the other Country was supposed the help too.

  26. Foreign aid is code for “taxpayer funded kickback scheme.” The President can withhold it all as far as I’m concerned.

  27. Obstructionists and socialists are trying to take this country over. It’s a shame when the POTUS can’t weigh in on any subject without being blamed for something! More of the tax payer’s money goes to warrantless investigations! Is this what happened to Venezuela? I’ll bet those 1,100 people has something to lose if he does not resign!! One tweet from POTUS…LMFAO! I think if there were something nefarious, POTUS wouldn’t tweet it for everyone to see!! That’s just laughable! Not even a petty thief would do that stupid crap…lmao!
    Can’t wait until the election and Trump gets re elected! I doubt even then they will stop this ignorant behavior!
    I think the Democratic/socialistic Party needs to be the minority or desolved for good after this fiasco!

  28. I smell 45 on you alls breath

  29. It doesn't matter what you say, Mr. Volker.. nothing's gonna make giving blankets to Ukraine by Obama look good under his watch.

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