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Amb. Taylor In Opening Statement: 'It's Crazy To Withhold Security Assistance' To Ukraine | NBC News

Ambassador William Taylor outlined his concerns with the Trump administrations handling of foreign aid to Ukraine in his opening statement in the first public hearing of the impeachment inquiry.
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Amb. Taylor In Opening Statement: ‘It’s Crazy To Withhold Security Assistance’ To Ukraine | NBC News


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  1. I love how the msm is spinning these hearings. So far, the dumbocrat's witnesses have brought NOTHING to their table! This will end up the same way the Kavanaugh witch hunt ended last year (is that one still indelible upon thy hippocampus?), and it's going to cost the dumbocrats the 2020 election. See you at the polls, losers!

    edit for spelling

  2. #Deport Trump 🔜

    When Trump watches the impeachment hearings….🤔??
    # presidential primer …..understand that this is how public servants are supposed to behave❗

  3. Trump is a true genius,
    by not opposing this FAKE "impeachment" he is allowing the
    American people to see what justice will be like if they allow the
    Democrats take power. If someone dislikes you they can make a
    complaint and their name will be hidden from you. The Chairman of
    your "state prosecution committee" can bar you from
    bringing witnesses in your defence, he can stop your lawyers from
    asking questions of your accuser and hold prosecution meetings in
    secret. Your accuser can also make 500,000+$ for opening a "Go
    fund me" account. A great incentive!

    Now there is something to look forward to if you vote Democrat.

  4. Trump and his son should be prosecuted for their bribing of foreign government officials.

  5. William Tailor is excellent, honest speaker and a decent, principled man. He cares about America and supporting like-minded nations Trump is lazy, lying trash, interested only in himself and his reelection. The US desperately needs a President it can trust and believe in.

  6. Maybe it is about time that we hold the president to the letter of the law

  7. LOL, just blah, blah, blah. Nothing concrete. I think that type of blabber used to work in the past. I can't believe all this drama and nothing to show for.

  8. Bill Taylor is a LIAR!!! ABSOLUTE FACT!!!

  9. What Trump did is what the Mob Boss always do!!! Go and nail the guy, before you get paid. And that’s a Crime.

  10. Mr Trump really wants his Trump Tower in Moscow.

  11. REMOVE trump, ASAP ! Then head on down the line of bribery, corruption, extortion, I can see it all clearly now and what a pile of crap these crooks have put on MY NATION.

  12. All foreign aid is quid pro quo. We don't give it away for nothing. Something is always expected. Republicans destroyed these witnesses usefulness. In two weeks they'll be cursing his taxes again.

  13. This is pathetic, he was proven to be useless.

  14. The impeachment hearing showed the lies & deceiptful acts and corrupt intentions of the Democrats. The Democrat solidify their certain loss on the upcoming 2020 election. No evidence and merely a smear like a child having a tantrum. People will vote straight REPUBLICAN (GOP) on 2020. It clearly shows that US Congress & Senate will be taken by the GOP in 2020. Schiff never listen to Pelosi that impeachment is not the way to get rid of Trump. POTUS is a popular presidemt and impeaching based on fabricated lies and corrupt media will not bear any success. Schiff will be remembered as a failed lawmaker, a liar and a corrupt politician.

  15. Please welcome Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, as your new interim POTUS #45, in the wake of dunuld drumpf and mike pence being remanded to prison.

  16. Corrupt cancer and burgeoning fungus infecting #45 administration needs to be fumigated from the White House Oval Office, Capitol Hill, Air Force 1, etc.
    @Mr. President :: Choose your manner of execution ::
    Hanging by noose at dawn until dead,
    firing squad by single action bolt rifle,
    boiling vat of hot oil in the Rose Garden,
    suicide by cop.
    Sorry, no one wants your ugly remains in prison, no one ever wants to hear your lies again, the American people are hard pressed to fund a library with your name on it, such the disgrace that you are.

  17. Jail that f@rking dotard trump.

  18. So how much did you get from arms sell to Ukraine and the kurds ? I mean you are investing a lot in others suffering . Are you investing or investigating ? Go watch a Chinese Kung Fu movie. For God sake stop the hate and the hypocrisy. Instead of the impeachment go investigate the Clinton Foundation whom received $145 million in pledges and donations in exchange for Hillary Clinton's support of the Uranium One deal and investigate the Russian investment bank with ties to the Kremlin and which was promoting Uranium One stock whom paid Bill Clinton $500,000 for a speech in Moscow shortly after the Rosatom acquisition of Uranium One was announced. You want to impeach Pr. Turmp to get back on track ? Don't fool USA citizens. You lost the election, be real for a second.

  19. So Putin murders 700 people a year across a damaged bridge, every nation-states favorite prop. I think all the American citizens who participate in these murders need to be arrested and extraordinarily rendered and all participatory foreign nationals allied or otherwise should be gunned down on their doorsteps and the streets of their nation(s.) I am of this beleif because Ukraine is a small country, unlike Israel, China or The United States.

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