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Amber Rose Disses Kylie Jenner & Tyga

Amber Rose feuds with Khloe Kardashian over Kylie Jenner and Tyga relationship plus Kim Kardashian and Kanye West.

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  1. who cares Amber go make a sex tape or something oh yea stfu.

  2. wait wait wait… how you gonna tell kylie shit because shes with a way older man when amber said at her slut walk that she dated a man 7 years older than her (kanye) and everyone gave her shit for being with kanye yet she's here doing the same exact thing to kylie…

  3. Amber rose because kilye is too young fa Tyga like tf

  4. Of course team Kardashian since I'm khloe my cousin is Kim my sister is Kylie and my step sister is Kendall #TeamKardashian

  5. I'm definitely team kardashian

  6. Besides being the salty ex of mr. gayfish, can somebody explain who Amber rose is?

  7. Team kardashian. Amber needs to mind her business and focus on her divorce and the fact that her man was cheating on her with twins. Them kardashians dont say a word about her ass. If Chyna has a problem then she can speak up for her self. Amber need to get some business instead of hosting parties, twerking and posing nude for Instagram, and trying to figure out how to stay relevant some way some how. And I dont see how she can call kim a whore first of all. Yea kim made a tape but it wasnt with a complete stranger. It was with her then boyfriend at the time and im sure we all have done some freaky shit with our mate. Plus everytime anybody has ever seen kim naked or show some ass she got paid for it but Amber does it all for the freebie. Lets not forget how amber had those pics so called leaked of her masturbating… Amber got ZERO dollars for that. It was just a stunt for attention. Plus she allegedly sent the pics to Nicki minaj then boyfriend safari. And i always wondered why they werent friends anymore after that incident. Everything kim does at least she is makin money. Everything amber does is for straight attention. And lets not forget whos still married… Amber been waiting for the day that she gets to go back and forth with the kardashians. And it was Kanye that put her ass on. Them Smirnoff commercials stopped real quick hunty!!!! Go get you some business and tend to your jit and stop starting drama bald fishTUH

  8. What Amber Rose did when she was 17 years old? She was a stripper! She can't say anything to Kylie. TEAM KARDASHIAN all the way.

  9. Amber rose needs to get her boy lookin ass somewhere else with that like jenner is a nice girl why she geting mad she prolly jealous cuz she want tyga or some shit

  10. Team Kardashian at least Khloe stuck up for her little sister

  11. Team no one😴 their both famous for being whores really💁 don't understand what their arguing about 😂😂😂

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  13. Amber Rose was getting naked for grown men at 15 & people act like its nothing wrong with that. But if a grown man post a picture of a naked 15 year old girl, he surely would get arrested for child nudity/child pornography.

    And I doubt she would be dating 15 & 16 year old boys if she was stripping for grown men at 15 years old. Come on now. But y'all got the nerve to say something about Kylie being with a grown man at 17, but don't say nothing about Amber taking her clothes off for grown men at 15. The last time I checked, 17 is closer to being a legal adult than 15 years old. 17 years old is like a senior in high school about to graduate, 15 years old is fresh out of middle school 9th/10th graders.

  14. Team Amber Rose! If I had a big brother/sister they would know that what Kylie is doing is bullsh*t. I'm an aspiring model and waited till I was 18 to start my career. But having this publicly, barely 18? It's shameful and disgusting. My family would never approve of a man Tyga's age, and definetly not the plastic surgery!

  15. And team Kylie and team khloe

    I am always a kardashain fan

  16. #TEAMAMBER Amber was a stripper not because she had a choice but because she had to support her family and the ku kardashian klan never knew of poverty because they have been fed from a sliver spoon all their lives.

  17. Why are you making this into a catfight? Amber NEVER dissed Kylie she only called Tyga out for his disgusting behavior. Let's not forget that Tyga met Kylie when she was 14 and now he's putting out Instagram pics of her with the caption "hitting it everyday". Amber has every right to be pissed and the Kardashians show just how immature and dumb they are when they attack her + let their 17 year old daughter/sister be with a 26 year old guy who has been known for banging underage girls before. 

  18. Team Amber for sure <3. She is right Kim is a WHORE!! I dnt like the Kardashians cause of slut Kim Kardashian.

  19. After watching the interviews with an open mind I'm with Amber Rose, she wasn't talking shit about Kylie. She was just asked about what she thought about Tyga and Kylie's relationship and it was blown out of proportion. In that Breakfast Club interview where did she say she hated Kim Kardashian and called her a home wrecker? I swear the media twists things around :/  Everyone knows the Kardashians are a bunch of lying idiots that once shit hits the fan they're always playing the victims. So I will not be surprised when Kylie turns 18 and she and Tyga have made a sex tape when she was 17 and are "legally" dating. 

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