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AMD Next Horizon Gaming at E3 2019 in 15 minutes

AMD Next Horizon Gaming at E3 2019 in 15 minutes

The biggest announcements from AMD at this year’s show.

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  1. I'm excited for the CPUs from AMD but still have nothing to come close to my 2080 ti

  2. wait, if the next gen consoles have ray-tracing and being made by amd, then why does this not have ray tracing?

  3. Look at the ding!

    Someone dropped it.

  4. Really? You could buy a 1080ti on ebay and a i9-9900k (up to 5GHz at 90w) for the price of that CPU.

  5. I could not see a single difference between those two wheel pictures.

  6. And will be obsolete in 5, 4, 3, 2….

  7. I'm still waiting ray tracing from AMD


  9. She is sooo irritating..wrong chocie for publicity..

  10. She is sooo irritating..wrong chocie for publicity..

  11. Wow ! Competing with a 1 year and a half old series ! . .Why not compete with the next generation instead ? Why would people upgrade to this GPU instead of wait for Nvidias next line.

  12. Don't you have your own personality AMD? Please don't follow Nvidia's design! Just follow your own design.

  13. Does anyone else think the Borderlands 3 looks better without HDR? When they switched on HRD, everythibg became blueish which I think looked really bad.

  14. shitty pricing imma stick with rtx thank you

  15. The only people clapping are the people working for AMD…

  16. didn't Yves Guillemot once proclaimed that PC gaming has "around a 93-95% piracy rate"?
    if pc gamers are such pirates wtf is he doing here?

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