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American teacher documents life in Wuhan, center of coronavirus | USA TODAY

Coronavirus outbreak: American teacher documents life in Wuhan.
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American teacher Dr. Diana Adama documented what life in Wuhan, China is like amidst the coronavirus outbreak.

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  1. Listen carefully. Top scientists have now proven that the diarrhea infected gas plume carries the virus. To be clear. You use a bathroom after someone has diarrhea and you smell it, you breathed the virus in. Like a public bathroom at airport you could be using a urinal and someone has the virus and has diarrhea in a stall. The plume gets breathed in.

  2. Maybe you should have evacuated .

  3. Communism lady… you decide to live there…. your mind is brainwashed.

  4. Wow! ..no restaurants open..no surprise there !

  5. Wuhan looks like a pretty nice city.

  6. How much did she get paid to do this? Lol

  7. That's How China reduces it's over population???

  8. I wonder what it would be like being homeless over there sleeping on the streets??

  9. Mandatory vaccinations to include depopulation of the planet. Scare tactics working and everyone will fall in line to get their shot. God help us all

  10. Hey there's Howie Mendel !!!!

  11. Dow voted due to click bait thumbnail that wasn't in the video.

  12. Yeah I totally trust a surgical mask made in china

  13. Two possible reasons for an empty hospital based on what I've gathered on Twitter. 1. At least one hospital was not accepting patients because all the staff was sick. 2. They are enclosing people in their homes if they have been exposed to the virus…entire apartment buildings…and taking others and their families away. That will cause absolute terror and people will simply not go to the hospital. Better to risk it at home.

  14. US just officially admitted 19nCoV is a US bioweapon. They claim China 'stole it' and then released it on themselves. The dog ate my homework excuse.

  15. This lady seems like the kinda person to spy on their neighbors to report to the home owner's association.

  16. "There are no transport…" Yet the Chinese gov't had commissioned thousands of cabs to transport pepole to do their "necessary" errands for food and hospital visit safely, without getting robbed and murdered by thugs. I doubt we will have that kind of luxury here in the USA if our cases start exploding like Wuhan.

  17. China really doesn't want the world to know or their own people how bad it is. It's a Trump World we live in. Hold power by keeping others ignorant.

  18. El virus también entra por los ojos es verdad?

  19. Why don't u ride a bicycle? Buy one , it More faster and not depending on taxi driver which could be already infected by a chance…. And you're not wearing google glass either…..

  20. Are you dumb? The hospital is the best place to contract the virus and you go there to see "how you could help". Masks are not effective enough (permeable material) and you have no eye protection.

  21. Now we know who brought the virus to the us

  22. You need to cover your eyes as well.

  23. She’ll die soon, but not from the 🦠.

  24. This just screams fake. I'm not usually the one to call this kind of thing fake, but this one looks untrustworthy. I saw another one where they were flat out lying showing people walking the streets even without masks on and it was like normal every day but it was not Wuhan China. Honestly I would say this is probably further away from Wuhan but not the central area. I've heard that not even shops are open unless it's for things that will last a while, meaning not bakeries are open. No restaurants either by the sounds of it. So why she is just walking into a bakery that's open and why any food places are open at all makes this very fishy to me. Also her saying that the hospital is not busy at all… Uhh, excuse me? Is it the brand new one or is it one where they don't treat those afflicted? There are 17,000 cases right now and the death toll just jumped to 400 is what I just overheard. There are only 5 hospitals in Wuhan and now a 6th one was built. So that would only be able to treat about maybe 5,000 to 6,000 people so why would they not be so over booked that the ill are lining the streets? You're missing about over 10,000 people here… There are not that many cases across the rest of the world so… I don't would not trust this woman.

  25. My home town has two cases how

  26. Thank you. Dr. Diana Adama. You're very brave. Thanks for warm greeting "to, and with" local people. Everything will be better.

  27. i have so much respect for the nurses in Wuhan..be safe lady's and gentleman

  28. N95 or K95 are for health care providers. I believe both higher standard masks are in huge shortage in mainland China. Regular medical/surgical masks should be good enough for civilians on daily basis. Plus, if you plan to visit a local hospital in mainland China, you should wear N95/K95 and eye protection as well. To be honest, I don't agree with all these Youtubers visiting local hospitals in mainland China for the "click", unless they are well equipped with protection gears and know what what they're doing. Visiting those local hospitals without proper gears and potentially spreading the virus is a very irresponsible behavior.

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