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AMI Responds To Jeff Bezos Blackmail Accusations

AMI Responds To Jeff Bezos Blackmail Accusations

National Enquirer’s parent company AMI responded to Jeff Bezos’ blackmail accusations, notice what they didn’t deny. Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian, and Nomi Prins discuss this story on TYT. Tell us what you think in the comment section below. https://go.tyt.com/rHimeGHRuOE

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Read more here: https://www.rawstory.com/2019/02/national-enquirers-parent-company-responds-explosive-bezos-allegations-doesnt-deny/

“On Thursday, Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon, published a post on Medium claiming that he’s being extorted by American Media Inc., the umbrella company that contains the National Enquirer. Bezos claimed the tabloid was threatening to release partially nude photos reportedly sent between Bezos and his girlfriend.

The post was titled, “No thank you, Mr. Pecker,” a reference to AMI’s CEO David Pecker. Bezos claimed that the National Enquirer had previously revealed details about his relationship and that they threatened to publish pictures. He suggested the threat was politically motivated and linked to the Washington Post’s coverage of figures linked to Donald Trump’s administration.

“Something unusual happened to me yesterday. Actually, for me it wasn’t just unusual  —  it was a first. I was made an offer I couldn’t refuse. Or at least that’s what the top people at the National Enquirer thought. I’m glad they thought that, because it emboldened them to put it all in writing,” Bezos wrote. “Rather than capitulate to extortion and blackmail, I’ve decided to publish exactly what they sent me, despite the personal cost and embarrassment they threaten.”*

Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian, Nomi Prins

Cast: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian, Nomi Prins


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  1. Brain Blast! If Jeff Bezos wants to pursue this matter in court, he can use the reverse of Citizens United as an argument. If Money from corporations is free speech, requesting a public statement that National Enquirer's coverage is not politically motivated, is the same as asking him for money. Ladies and Gentlemen…… –P.S. Not that he's much better of an actor, it would be.. I'll use the word 'fun' to see.

  2. What Bezos did was such a funny and interesting power play 🙂 That's what you do when you are extorted. You calmly take the power away from the extortionist by revealing what he is threatening to reveal. You look your extortionist in the eye, smile and flip the bird. I bet Pecker peed himself, which amounts to another weird p***s joke.

    Men and d**k picks…..oy vey!

  3. Way to go Jeff the richest man in the world. 👊🏻👊🏻👊🏻 We know why they did this. Picker, Tramps friend showed Tramp the pics of Jeff’s junk and it was bigger then Tramps junk because the porn star Tramp sleep with when his wife was pregnant with Barron told us it was little, like his little hands so he was jealous and said to Picker blackmail him go after him. Wow ! What a soap opera this and is not funny. Picker has a safe full of Tramps crap 💩 and Muller going to go after it. Go Muller Go Jeff ✊🏻✊🏻✊🏻✊🏻

  4. somehow a mysterious third party will release the pics instead absolving the inquirer of any blame

  5. Why can't liberal men stop sending pictures of their genitals over the internet?

  6. Dirty laundry among the rich spread out for the public to see. What a time we live. My take is the country needs health care and rip off insurance companies.

  7. Bullshit. Bezos is afraid about bad publicity and that he will lose a huge amount of his billions to his future exwife. Thats what he cares the most.

  8. Considering Ami's past reputation and connection to Trump and the Saudis it's very easy to side with Bezos.

  9. Another divergence tactic by the master con man .

  10. LEX LUTHOR ….. with a dick pic …. How quaint .

  11. I sincerely hope this is a teachable moment to the generations ahead.
    After reviewing the books, tapestries of history, knowing who my ancestors were via papers, articles of their time on this world, insights in to town disputes, laws enacted, a blink in time.
    Comparatively my digital footprint is tiny compared to the WH elected of 2016-to date.
    Imagine the volumes and threads of digital communications, memes, banners, merchandise on this current news item alone.
    I hope someone in the future is able to laugh at a 72 yr old man, leader of a country, trying to smear another human who is not only, younger, smarter and richer than himself… and how by showing the world the other man’s penis… but tells him first, while his acolytes break/breach federal agreements and laws acquiring images and texts… lol

  12. I love billionaires, I honestly want to become one someday, when all of you guys are bitching up a storm I'll just be on my yacht in Italy.

  13. This is deliciously puerile and involves Trump, 2 Peckers and a Bozo

  14. Oh boy this just gets better and better, double again anyone?

  15. Sure are kissing a lot of bezos ass for supposedly being against big corporations

  16. I’m not a fan of corporate vanity acquisitions but it would be funny if finally Bezos bought AMI and the National Enquirer when it goes up on the block.

  17. Bezos is stupid and is attempting to be the hero when he is really the patsy. Other accounts say the mistress sent Bezos' text messages and sex photos to her girlfriends. One or more of them then sold the texts and naked photos to the Enquirer. By claiming blackmail and extortion, it is just an attempt to set up the Enquirer. Bezoz is a cheating Bozo. And stupid at that and has been played by a gold digger.

  18. Like I give a 🤬about jeff Bezos

  19. Which of the two, Bezos who is a solid businessman or AMI which deals in trash and covers up for crooks and cons is more likely to be honest?
    Isn't Kaiser a Russian name. Stands to reason.

  20. If money is speech, then speech from a billionaire/influencer is also money. Therefore extorsion is proven.

  21. so trump pulled a gun on himself

  22. Trump needs to tweet in favor of bezos

  23. This info came from the FBI or some pro-Trump government agent. They leaked it to AMI.

  24. I think the Young Turkeys just layed another egg!

  25. Criminals can't help but do crimes. Like the fox crossing the river with the chicken says "what else can I do but eat you, I'm a fox."

  26. Who does conspiracy? Aaron Tate, Glenn greenwald, jimmy dore. Who does conspiracy? Right wingers does. Ahahaha. Look how funny we are. Stupid right wingers.

  27. Wow. What a fascinating time to live through. I wish I could see into the future and know everything works out in the end so I can just sit back and enjoy this show.

  28. The real story is how is Bezos allowed so much corporate welfare, and is he a POS for taking it from working class taxpayers?

  29. Let me break out the violin for bezos.

  30. The pecker has been doing this for years for trump it's so obvious

  31. Bezos could take them to court and outspend them into bankruptcy ….. and AMI knows that ….

  32. Screw Jeff Bezos. He turned his factory into a sweatshop

  33. throws her hands up in exasperation
    Well, I envy his girl now…
    cuz if he is THAT proud of letting his dick pic get tossed out to the public…
    he has to be one hell of a show-er …ROFL

  34. I do not give a damn about Jeff Besos.

  35. This hausu is a kuso guesto hausu. Why is this Braun haafu homo going to the shawaas so Hayai?

  36. Why is this such a big story? Does it really warrant this much attention with everything else that’s going on in the world- life threatening issues. Too much drama

  37. The national enquirer also forgets the Hulk Hogan lawsuit and victory. If Jeff bezos suffers damages due to any leak from them- hypothetically; he could then turn around and sue them, just like Hulk Hogan sued the organization that posted his sex tape, and win.

  38. Calling a wealthy Jeweesh man, kaiser. Nice one

  39. Super obvious blackmail/extortion

  40. This is 🔥🔥🔥🔥! Much better than the Superbowl.

  41. The way I see it, AMI's action here IS an attempt at blackmail, and it IS in clear violation of AMI's plea agreement.

  42. I'm so distracted I'm such a pig

  43. "There is a Megalodon in the reeds coming for AMI"

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