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Ana DUNKS ON Millennial Basher

Ana DUNKS ON Millennial Basher

Bret Stephens thinks Joe Biden should double down on beating up on millennials. Ana Kasparian breaks it down on #NoFilter. https://www.tyt.com/ana

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  1. Left vs Right, Black vs White, Now Old vs Young.
    This channel is all about division and stoking the fires of resentment and tribalism.
    Divide and conquer, tactic that has been used by Marxists in Russia, in China and just Google what the end result was in those countries.
    I'll give you hint: loads of dead people.

  2. Yeah this is my new favorite channel. This is like my 8th video in a row, and y’all hit the nail on the head every time. -a millennial

  3. Please beware comment section. It filled with older people hating on younger people for problems they caused. I guess age doesn't make you smarter. Xoxo proud baby of ' 96.

  4. Welll he not getting my vote

  5. I’m a millennial and my name is Scott mercer got to love Ana

  6. What part of “we” is actually referring to friggin Joe Biden? You had zero to do with it! You were there and did NOTHING!

  7. Ana is so amazing. She drops shade like the dark side of the moon.

  8. Does she wipe up or down?? I bet she's a back to fronter!!

  9. dont use averages for wealth use median… its 11000 for millennial's

  10. Part of the problem is millennials have been coddled to death and have no idea how to be an adult or deal with everyday problems.

  11. while pushing the Russian hoax instead of Israeli collusion like a millennial basher

  12. JOE BIDEN IS 200% FAKE, YEAH 200% FAKE !!

  13. I’m 22 and started my own business and make a 6 figure salary. I work 14+ hours a day 7 days a week. Y’all just complain about how nothing is fair and expect everything to be given to you. You make your choices deal with the consequences

  14. You guys should have exclusive YouTube premium videos. Otherwise I think you guys are exceptional at what you do.

  15. Just another reason to not vote for pedophile Joe, what a moronic creep

  16. I have to agree with Ana on this one I was born on 07/03/1996 & I’m always getting heat and criticism from older generations of ppl for not having career & financial stability it’s absurd that Joe Biden who’s a democratic candidate would say that he has no empathy for younger generations for that reason I will not be voting for him in 2020

  17. Biden talks of the progress made for civil rights, when his anti-bussing stance make it appear he would support Jim Crow laws. Also, in his generation that did so much, why have we lost required pension plans (401K's and IRA's are little more than wall street and banking subsides) and made unions appear as the red scare did in the 50's? Yes, Mr. gropey and his generation have done little more than change the oppression from open racism to a class struggle while they move tword plutocracy.

  18. Get him Ana! Stephens is an a-hole!

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