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Ana RAGES About Twitter

Ana RAGES About Twitter

Cenk, John, and Ana host Old School. Ana fires back at lunatics on twitter. She is full of rage at all times. Campaign finance bribes. Ana started with politics MAJOR FAUXPAS. Watch the full episode here: https://go.tyt.com/bsf

#OldSchool #TYT #CenkUygur

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  1. I am a progressive and Cenk U is a personal hero of mine

    Ana K is a rabid bigot who cant stand that a strong,intelligent,well read Hindu woman is standing for office.


    I agree with her on the issue of the gendered pronoun thing.

    The left thrives on criticizing each other RABIDLY and losing sight of bigger issues and this is why Hong Kong like unified protests are not a executable thing n the US.

  2. ana the fiery red head blonde

  3. People will find time for sex and for Twitter. No one is that busy.

  4. Ana is better than Twitter. Much better than Twitter.

  5. Lol @ tyturds' pathetic attempt at damage control boooo!!

  6. Dear Anna, I was watchin' a IT Hackers Convention video the other day as I was Crackin' the Password for a Windows 7 Computer that was given Me and they were talking about Engineered Social Warfare on social media platforms((Spits in Palm & Slicks hair back)).

  7. So It turns out Jordan Peterson was right about the left going crazy..

  8. You call it Ana, right on point. And twitter is a shitfest.

  9. Motto is the word I think you were looking for.

  10. Ana rages at Twitter for being too left wing.

  11. As someone with ASD, sensory overload is a daily struggle. I would never in one million years made the request that person did. So embarrassing.

  12. I can't stand TYT when they don't think people can walk and chew gum at the same time. Just because we get concerned about pronouns or whatever, DOES NOT mean we don't fully focus on actual policies. Even Ana admitted to doing the very same thing. And this whole take on "That's why trump won" is disingenuous at best. Trump did not win because of that.

  13. I work at a social justice organization, and I'm proud to, but we have the exact same problem in my office. We spend so much time and energy on niggling (and yes, I'm black, I can say niggling,) differences, it's ridiculous. Not to parrot Right-Wing complaints about "pc culture", but I really think the Left needs to get its priorities straight when it comes to language policing and our larger goals. Ana's right on the money.

  14. These people are out of their minds we do not live in a bubble there are discomforts this is life are these the kids whose parents still cut their crusts off their bread until they were in their thirties this is a load of manure to tell a huge group of people to be quiet or don’t say she or him Christ get a bloody life

  15. I'm with Anna on this one.
    Of course have respect but don't go too far that's all

  16. That was extremely cringe to watch. Seriously DSA people? The same people that speak about privilege forget their privilege when they don’t consider others social rights in general.

    Please. My fellow socialist liberals. Let’s focus on policy. Social and economic! Pls lol.

    “Guys” is gender neutral in the English language when referring to people. Wow.

  17. That DSA video is exactly why I consider myself a dirtbag leftist. All the "woke" language policing has gotten completely bananas.

  18. Which miniatures do you paint? 40k? Fantasy? ASOIAF?

  19. They should open a 2nd Disneyland for introverts

  20. Wait I thought the right wing were the snowflakes, are you now saying it is the left …

  21. Tons of hate? For what? Calling out idiots? Our planet is melting down,lets not be sensitive to idiots

  22. Yess Anna !! Go in , Let have !!! People are insane sadly smh.  You deserve to speak up , we all do lol

  23. Love you guys and what you do! Not criticizing, but just want to know why Cenk plays Fantasy Football considering how racist the NFL has been. Isn't Fantasy Football directly tied to the NFL?

  24. Cenk drinks Bacon grease when he's upset. Maybe Ana needs some.

  25. I think Cenk is brilliant and not too far left or too moderate. How about spot on!!

  26. Twitter is the armpit of the internet. The only reason it's not the asshole of the internet is because that dubious honor is held by 4chan.

  27. People who get triggered trigger me.

  28. “RUBBING ONE OUT ON TWITTER”?!?!?!?!?!!!!!!!
    it’s official. Anna is a god.

  29. I'm so glad I'm not on Twitter.

  30. 🎶Then why you always lyin🎶
    Why, u always lying, O my god, Stop FUCKIN LYIN🎶🎶

  31. Whenever I hear someone from the left use "comrade" non-ironically, I think "Oh! You're just larping. This isn't real to you."

  32. Haha you guys are clowns, at our fascist events we are all united and in solidarity for fascism

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