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Analysis: Modi addresses territory’s changes

People in Indian-administered Kashmir are confined to their homes.
The arrests by security forces are part of India’s crackdown on region.
Pakistan has announced the suspension of a key train service with India.
And Britain has expressed concern to India over their decision to end Kashmir autonomy.

Al Jazeera’s Priyanka Gupta reports from New Delhi
Al Jazeera’s Kamal Hyder reports from Islamabad.

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  1. Narandar Modi Gives Congrats To Kashmiri They Can See They Can't Hear The Message From Modi# WtF The Indian PM wants To Explain?

  2. She has no idea about the situation…. She just telling what has been told her to vomit.. 🤮🤮🤮

  3. Kasmiri : Say No to "Gao Mutra"

  4. Al Jazeera and Democracy…oil and water!

  5. Modi going to capture to UAE Modi promised to Israel

  6. Dear I promise to you Jammu Kashmir next Gaza or Syria I am from Indian Modi it's a terorrest Modi nothing to du for kashmir

  7. Priyanka gupta look like tanned Indonesia

  8. Modi teri maa ko chodein gey saley

  9. Omg! Aljajeera appointed anti india journalist in india. That's impressive.

  10. I’m confused, why weren’t those areas part of Pakistan if the people are Muslim?

  11. this is true picture and appreciate al jazeera reports now many indians here are portyrying wrong view

  12. Indian deserve tea shop man. Shame modi

  13. Left/ liberal media should not join hands with the medieval death cult in the name of democracy, freedom, rights . They Arabian death cult has none of these qualities , and they hate it.

    After wiping out all other faiths from the M.E, kashmir etc talking about secularism and peace!

    Only an Arabian fascist death cult can be worse than the Nazis can !

  14. The larger program is devilish, medieval, and they are history's worst fascists.

    Islamic fascist death cult wants to reign … Chant death for Infidels… Not knowing who is their real God , that Infidel is their God… Infidel gifted the oil, created the wealth However this ungrateful Allahu Akbar zombies show ingratitude by exporting terrorism and primitive morality.

  15. You can sugarcoat BS as much you want but it still stays BS….
    India has always suppressed Kashmiris' voice of their right of freedom. We want India to give Kashmiris their long overdue right of freedom.

  16. বিশব্বাসি কি দেখতে পারচেনা মুদি য়া বলচে সব মিত্তা বলচে। কাশ্মীরের মুসলিম দের ধরমিয় ঈদটুকু ও পালন করতে দিলনা। এটা কি রাস্টিয়সন্ত্রাস নয়। উগ্রবাদী নয়। বিশাগাতক নয়। বেইমান বেওলাদ মরলে আগুন দেওয়ার জন্য ও ত কেউ নাই। এটা তুর উপর আল্লাহর অভিশাপ তুর উপর ।

  17. Pakistan should invade south of India, since all their soldiers are in kashmir.
    It would be funny how the Indian government will cry, just like israel.

  18. Aljazeera has all the Indian paid trolls targeting them in the comment sections

    Come on everyday , change their name and write the same stuff

  19. Horrible what Mohdi said , BJP full of lies and deceit. How can they be comfortable to die with all they have done directly and indirectly.

  20. On this blessed occasion of Eid, in remembrance of Kashmir in occupied Kashmir, it will be remembered by the devoted brothers and sisters who are busy in the struggle for their independence.

  21. What a disgrace on the world stage. Modi continues to embarrass India. Meanwhile the Indians are drinking up the Kool Aid. What a tragedy.

  22. 5/8/19 se pahile
    India – kuch bada hone vala he.
    America – kuch bada hone vala he.
    Duniya – kuch bada hone vala he.
    Pakisthan -. Hamare Gand ka ched 😞😞

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