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Analysis: UN warns of telecom blackout cover for Myanmar military abuses

Myanmar’s army may be committing serious human rights violations under cover of a mobile phone blackout in parts of Rakhine and Chin states in the west of the country, Yanghee Lee, UN special rapporteur on Myanmar, said on Monday.
Lee reported that nine townships had been blacked out, with no media access and serious restrictions on humanitarian organisations. She called on the government to end the mobile internet ban.
“I fear for all civilians there,” Lee said in a statement.

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  8. this video is misleading because the operations going on right now are against AA, not the Rakhine. she has no idea what she is even talking about.

  9. Uncivilised disgusting country ruled by mad women.

  10. dont worry belt and road initiative will restore peace.

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  15. UN should take serious steps by now and help settle these helpless people.

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  17. Nobody is raising question why Myanmar army is persecuting a refugee community which were rejected by pakistan long time ago, terrorist attack on myanmar may be a good excuse but a deep analysis is needed in this issue, and today Myanmar is taking back her territory by force which legally belongs to them, Myanmar army is flushing out a race which is not equivalent to them which is actually a reflection to countries like Saudi Arabia or Qatar, can these countries give surety to the world that Jews can live safely on Arabian soil… because when it's about human rights nobody question or penalize Arab countries…

  18. This is clear.
    They are committing mass murder under the watchful eyes of the world.

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