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Ancient Greece 101 | National Geographic

From artistry to politics, ancient Greece left a considerable impression on world history. Learn why Greek and Roman gods share so many similarities, how the alphabet got its name, and how the legacy of ancient Greece has evolved over thousands of years.
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Ancient Greece 101 | National Geographic

National Geographic

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  1. The Ancient Greeks made quite an impact on world history, with their contributions in art, architecture, and language still going strong today. What do you find most fascinating about their cultural impact?

  2. Do Ancient Philippines 😊

  3. I’m a very good painter I painted a cardinal and my dog

  4. You forgot to talk about the theatres greek's creation.

  5. Holy shadows of the dead, I’m not to blame for your cruel and bitter fate, but the accursed rivalry which brought sister nations and brother people, to fight one another. I do not feel happy for this victory of mine. On the contrary, I would be glad, brothers, if I had all of you standing here next to me, since we are united by the same language, the same blood and the same visions. ~Alexander King of Macedonia

  6. Do the Indus Valley civilization

  7. Oww Alpha + beta= Alphabet Yes New Knowledge😁

  8. İ was greek than ottoman than turkish but my cousins greek
    Life is strange

  9. Great video the Greeks were fascinating! Also this voiceover is great she’s really clear and extremely easy to understand

  10. Get ready……AC fanboys will be coming here soon…..

  11. who here was forced by their teachers to watch this

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  14. I'm just here for the greek freak

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  16. Nat geo need to publish more documentary of european/asian civilizations… before ignorant blacks claiming all these as theirs..just as they claim people in China was black.. LMAO

  17. Philosophy is the mother of all sciences, ΦΙΛΟΣΟΦΙΑ>Philosophy Philo=Friend>Sophy=Wisdom literally "love of wisdom"

  18. If West knows anything about Ancient Greek today-which is totally different in every aspect than the Greeks of our days- it's thanks to the Muslim world-particularly Arabs- who translated and preserved many Greek works during their golden era. This is how it is, like it or not.

  19. Um povo com uma visão extraordinária!! O alfa no apogeu e o ómega na decadência… O que mais me admira que o alfabeto grego seja tão importante na formação de outras línguas!! Seja fonte para representar grandezas físicas?? Na mitologia grega há a Ilíada e Odisseia que encanta … mas Camões superou o Homero… Todas as civilizações tem o seu calcanhar de Aquiles ? Outra inovação é a intersecção da tragédia e comédia …Os actores chegavam a morrer… A Grécia e o auto retrato com vista para a Acropole e a Antigona a memória e o registo de um Adeus!! Gosto muito dos filósofos Gregos!!!

  20. I'll state that art, philosophy, democracy, and heroes had all existed at a lesser-written about level before the prime of Ancient Greece…

    (It's just that Greece improved on/changed the old basis of their ideas.)

  21. So legendary yet … They couldn't really cloth themselves

  22. Greece is the most influential civilization on the planet. Aside from that the foundation of the western world which dominates 60% of the world today. From democracy to almost all sciences, from philosophy to what we see as beautiful, from math to the Olympic games, the biggest sports event in the world, language, civilization, knowledge, reason, strive for perfection, and literally almost everything else. Greece has a vast and profound influence on our modern world. And that alone would make me want to go to Greece, for it's unparalleled history and incredible culture, aside from its breathtaking landscapes, crystal clear seas, mountains, heavenly cuisine and great warm people. I can see how Greece has had a humongous influence on the world, not just in classical period, but in the bronze age and Greek empire of Byzantium too.

  23. not a good time to be in Greece tho

  24. Marine civilization & continental civilization

  25. Why does the thumbnail look like Mark Zuckerberg

  26. Greek Empire 550 BCE… Um no. no there was not a Greek Empire. Right off the bat they are putting out misinformation

  27. There close to 10 million subscribers

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