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Andrew Yang Drops Out Of Presidential Campaign | NBC News

Andrew Yang, a New York businessman whose unusual presidential campaign centered on a promise to give Americans $1,000 a month, is dropping out of the Democratic race.
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Andrew Yang Drops Out Of Presidential Campaign | NBC News


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  1. Well I'm voting Joe Obama Biden

  2. Oh now you broadcast him right? Now that he's "irrelevant." 🤬 You guys.

  3. And just like humanity did to Jesus we get rid of the very people who really want to help us, so sad, welcome to the devil's playground everybody!

  4. Is anyone else giving money away for votes?

  5. America failed the "M.A.T.H" test

  6. Sorry folks, but Bernie is a Cuckoo Bird. And Biden (even though I like the guy as a person) is too old and getting older as he is potentially in the White House. I'm 65 yrs old, and been an Independent type of voter since becoming eligible in 1973. I have lost faith in politically connected people in the White House. After Obama, I have seen no one who inspires me to vote for them.

    In the past few weeks, this Klobuchar woman has piqued my interest. I like her manner, intensity, and relative respectability toward her adversaries (as much as is possible in this dirty process). So now I am researching her record and her politics. I know nothing of her yet. But her level-headed and practical synopses have caught my attention. For the rest of that Democratic crowd — as in 2016 – I am nowhere near impressed enough to even vote.

  7. Way to go msnbc…you ignore him for 2 years, and the 1 graphic you include with his name listed is the one where where he loses in nh primary….thanks for nothing

  8. He could’ve talked about everything else but you never covered him!!! Watch his hour long podcasts or read his website FFS!!
    He had to talk about UBI every time because he knew he wasn’t going to get many opportunities to speak and it’s the most important policy in the world that would fundamentally change the way the economy and society functions. UBI doesn’t solve every problem but it makes every problem easier to solve.

  9. Some say Andrew Yang's bid for POTUS 2020 was always a long shot.

    The long real shot, however, was hoping/expecting that an America dumb enough to vote Trump in 2016 in the first place, is now somehow smart enough to vote Yang in 2020.

  10. Now it's certain that we will have Trump 2.0

  11. If you guys did your job and spent at least 30 minutes to look into him you would have saw the depth of issues he had

  12. F you MSNBS. If you had given fair coverage to him, he'd have had a better chance!! Sick of you.


    It's safe now to talk about him as he's off the race. And he doesn't have only UBI on his policy list. He has(well now it's a had) 150+ policies.

  13. Didn't talk much about anything else??? These anchors aren't even informed

  14. America is crazy! We have missed an opportunity of a life time. America loves the fakes like Pete over the authentic and visionary Andrew Yang. I can boldly say today that we as a people are the dumbest in the planet.

  15. Pure self promotion ,good on him.

  16. This is more coverage about him than I've seen while he was still in. Huh….

  17. He got about $9 million in donations on a promise to pay Everybody $12,000. I feel like I'll see him back on nbc-CNBC on "American Greed", soon.

  18. You MF’ers DIDN’T COVER HIM!!

  19. I support Bernie Sanders. But I appreciate that Andrew Yang pushed Universal Basic Income to the forefront, and he ran a progressive campaign helping us shift the focus to real issues. I was a skeptic, and now as a small business owner I FULLY support a Universal Basic Income. I hope an Andrew Yang Supporters will consider voting for Bernie Sanders moving forward. Hopefully Next election cycle the hot topic issue will be whether or not candidates support UBI, just like Bernie championed Medicare For All and now its a household term.

  20. Time to give him airtime, he's safe and out now. The media is full of SNAKES who are run by Slow Joe and the Geriatric crew. These "newspeople" are filth.

  21. He should have done this math a long time ago !

  22. Someone pass the TERM LIMITS FOR CONGRESS and get the corruption stopped

  23. Bye loser. The rest will soon follow.

  24. Bye loser. The rest will soon follow.

  25. Bye loser. The rest will soon follow.

  26. Bye loser. The rest will soon follow.

  27. Good luck winning the 42% who would only vote for AY. Good luck winning over Trump.

  28. Well the only good candidate is gone. Now I’m not voting.

  29. It breaks my heart !! I am not voting anymore

  30. yang polls high with well informed voters… unfortunately the majority of the population are brainwashed sheeple. biggest let down ive felt in a while…

  31. He dropped out, it’s safe to talk about him now

  32. Congratulations, Democrats, you have chosen to lose to Trump again in 2020. Your party is a joke, American media is a joke, our president is a joke…why am I not laughing? It's all too sad.

  33. You might gonna regret this, America.

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