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Andrew Yang: Give Americans their fair share of tech industry money | USA TODAY

Andrew Yang wants to give Americans their fair share of tech industry money through the Freedom Dividend.
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Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang talks about beating Trump and funding universal basic income by going after companies like Amazon.

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  1. I’m a YANGAHOLIC too! Can’t stop listening to him. Damn – he’s all brains.. and heart!

  2. Finally… a leader who can inspire the whole damn country. I've waited too long for this…

  3. UBI Should come from ALL business cash flow. Not just tech. And not a consumption tax. It should come from a flat business income tax. All businesses nationally, distributed to ALL United States citizen, locally. #MagicBrad

  4. Yang gives me more hope than I've felt in a while about our country's politics

  5. Hes not in 6th any more ☝

  6. Yaaaaaang gaaaaaaaaannnng

  7. I ❤️ Trump but I’m voting for Yang💙now!!!!

  8. Trump and yang are as different as hell and heaven

  9. There is a reason Trump never mentions Yangs name. He knows he cant beat Yang head to head. Think about it. Trump does not want to help his name recognition because he knows he would be in trouble.

  10. Why does the interviewer sound Krang from teenage mutant ninja turtles?

  11. So the freedom dividend will give everyone $1000 month… This seems like a terrible idea. This is encouragement for people to do nothing with their lives. What made this country great is the idea of the American dream. Maybe I'm missing something, but just to throw an anecdote out there, if I get $1000 a month for nothing, I'm going to part time. Leaves me more time for video games.

  12. I'm starting to like this guy by the minutes! and I think the future is here Yang 2020 PERIOD

  13. A VAT tax is already applied to the supply chain in over 140 countries around the world, including Brazil China, France, Germany, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, & the United Kingdom.

    Isn’t it time that the US got on board too?





  14. Dude this guy is going to be our new president in 2020!!! Love it bro!

  15. Impeachment would succeed! It might not get tRump out of the White House but it would expose him and his supporters and enablers to the withering truth of his actions. It will show the American citizens even more clearly the true nature of most Republican Senators. Then in 2020 we’ll see how the electorate will respond. Each representative in the House and Senate swore to uphold the Constitution, period! When they do that, their chances of re-election will rise.

  16. From Argentina: Vote for this guy. You have one shot to make things right for USA and set an example for the rest of the world on what a 21st Century President should be like.

  17. Andrew Yang can save us!!! He's got the brain power to do so

  18. Andrew Yang answers any question IN A SNAP, with substance. i dont see anyone in the current roster of democrats who does this. IF THE DEMOCRATS DOESNT NOMINATE THIS MAN, THATS ANOTHER FOUR YEARS OF TRUMP.

  19. Steve Jobs Quote: “The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.” thats #yang2020 right now.

  20. Yang is trying to bribe American voters.

  21. “Amazon pays all the taxes we are required to pay in the U.S. and every country where we operate, including paying $2.6 billion in corporate tax and reporting $3.4 billion in tax expense over the last three years,” said an Amazon spokeswoman, Jodi Seth, in a statement. “We have invested more than $160 billion in the U.S. since 2011, building a network of more than 125 fulfillment and sortation centers, air hubs and delivery stations as well as cloud-computing infrastructure and wind and solar farms.”


  22. Andrew Yang you are wrong!

    We did not automate away 4 million manufacturing jobs.

    Economists have been misreading the statistics.  A new study proves this.


    "Foreign competition, not automation, was behind the stunning loss in factory jobs."


    Read the entire article. 

    The first half is a recap of the misconceptions expressed by Yang and many others.

  23. The "Freedom Dividend" will not bring freedom to those forced to pay it.

  24. He’s coming everyone. Prepare for the wave he’s bringing.

  25. This is a timeshare scam? Americans youth are so dumb.

  26. I really like this guy . He seems down to earth and doesn’t talk like a typical politician.

  27. What idiot thumbs downed!

  28. Finally somebody that is smart, please save america…please…

  29. Yang Gang let’s get Stronger !

  30. I like this guy. I honestly don't think the $1000 a month would ever be instated and even if it was you'd just see inflation out the wazoo. But I like his ideals and optimistic outlook. Might be what the country needs right now.

  31. i was watching wwe monday night raw, watching the match between nikki cross and sasha banks, and somebody in the audience was holding a sign that said……(google andrew yang) and thats what i did!

  32. I been watching yang nonstop

  33. Difference is Yang blames Amazon and Trump blames Mexican.

  34. I hope he can maintain positive attitude through the smear campaigns and that he doesn't fall to that level. He seems to have a head on his shoulders so im positive he will do well

  35. I'm a conservative and I am definitely considering voting for Mr. Yang. Only question I have: We would be getting that check from the taxes built from the companies he is taxing, what would stop them from just increasing the prices on everything since they are being taxed more?

  36. This guys a communist!.I'll keep my constitutional rights & none of these socialist stand a chance against freedom.My family didn't escape Cuba to put up w/this crap in the best country on earth.

  37. His organization which he likes to tout about, Venture for America, had set out to create 100K jobs but after several years of efforts, only managed to create a paltry 4K jobs which he keeps projecting as "thousands" of jobs.

  38. Yang Gang!!! A true man of principle and class.

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