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Andrew Yang: Iran Escalation ‘Heightens Urgency’ To Get Trump Out Office | NBC News NOW

2020 candidate Andrew Yang talks about his heightened urgency to get President Trump out of office amid the escalating tension between the U.S. and Iran.
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Andrew Yang: Iran Escalation ‘Heightens Urgency’ To Get Trump Out Office | NBC News NOW


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  1. It's the Deepstate black sites in Iran Mr lying yang that your part of that are saying this NOT IRAN ITSELF and millions of Iranians are being FORCED to Protest AMERICA to make it look like they hate AMERICA and our great Winning president trump but there really CELEBRATING and this was Caused by the Obama administration and John Kerry who VIOLATED THE LOGAN ACT many times and the demonrats in Congress are mad because there Laundering money days are over. We are at War with the DEMOCRATS in Congress and the deepstate black sites in Iran and other countries. THERE IS NOT GOING TO BE WORLD WAR 3 period. Trump is DRAINING THE SWAMP PERMANENTLY 😠

  2. This is what NBC does, disrespect Yang then have a good interview after. Cycle goes on. Next stuff another disrespect then expect another interview after that.

  3. wow it is for real, I'm now convinced , ignorance is a bliss.

  4. yang: if we get distracted by trump he will win, we need to focus on the problems
    trump: hold my war mongering tantrum

  5. Trump has had the most restrained foreign policy in 30 years.

  6. He was placed into that Corporate seat by Vatican Rome, which owns D.C. property and business. If you desire him out. Well then without a doubt, his employer has to go as well. 2Thess.2:3,4/ Rev.17:5,15

  7. If is the only way to stop the war, that will be have trump resigned. He digs his own grave.

  8. Andrew Yang 2020: officially irrelevant.

  9. hmmmm,, so you would rather have a bad terrorist running around ANDREW YANG??? seems like it..you should be called LITTLE WANG YANG WITH NO BRAIN.

  10. Really? Yang want the USA to not be safe?
    What is up with these snow flakes?

  11. Andrew Yang is likable, but he fails to inspire my vote for him. Keep working Mr Yang.

  12. Hey look everybody, ting tau te has an opinion!

  13. TRUMP 2020 Iran is about to be a parking lot!!!!

  14. The real problems that got him elected… 150M of them. 😂

  15. I know who I'm voting for and it won't be this tool.

  16. Will never be president………..

  17. I can’t wait to vote trump back in

  18. Poor delusional sheep

  19. Andrew Yang has my vote for many reasons and they are here: https://www.yang2020.com/policies/

  20. I think it heightens the urgency to keep Trump in office. It is nice having a leader with backbone again.

  21. More Good News! More terrorists got crushed to death at the terrorist's funeral who is loved by the Democraps and SJWs.

  22. Andrew has plans in case the prices of those items do go up, believe me. Most people are narrowly thinking the VAT policy. It can always be expanded to other big corporations that take advantage of the people. The problem is big tech and big corporations don't pay taxes because of the present rules, Ireland, share buy back options, philanthropic giving, etcetera. By taking the tax at the point of sale, they do not have a chance to hide it. You take it just like a sales tax we have all enjoyed all these years, only now there is one on the big guys, giving it back it to us.

  23. Yang gang for president 👏👏👏

  24. Yang, go back where you’re from!!

  25. Hey DNC #Pollthepeople. You can not seriously ask the candidates to get over certain percentage on the polls while there is no qualify polls has been conducted since the last debate.

  26. this guy can be the Secretary of IT

  27. you americans are nuts if you are gonna vote a guy of chinese descent for your president,

  28. Can't wait to vote for this man. #Yang2020

  29. Only yang will have a chance against Trump. Rest of them are career politicians who's been leeching of the people. If we all still have our hearts and a soul we should do everything to get Andrew Yang against Trump. The other crooks will get stomped by Trump 1000000%

  30. Cant let someone with chinese decent be president china will get to us in an instant thats a fact

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