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Andrew Yang On Medicare For All And ‘What Matters’ Most To 2020 Democratic Voters | NBC Nightly News

In our series “What Matters,” Harry Smith talks to Andrew Yang about an issue that Democratic primary voters told us is a major concern as they weigh which candidate to support in 2020—the soaring cost of health care.
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Andrew Yang On Medicare For All And ‘What Matters’ Most To 2020 Democratic Voters | NBC Nightly News


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  1. He calls it Medicare for all but it’s not, just lying to get votes, his plan isn’t really all that bad imho just wish he had more integrity like Sanders. Also, the “competitive” option (which is just Obamacare 2.0) isn’t much of a solution either, we will just end up with a slightly different way to pay a lot of money for healthcare because demand is inelastic and people will STILL go bankrupt from medical bills. He’s not the worst, just too little too late and of course better than the current potus

  2. His health care idea is abysmal. The actual solution to health care is a single payer universal system. This… "Public option" concept has been tried in other countries and has failed massively due to the fact that the private health insurance companies refer as many sick people to the public health care system as possible while taking in as many healthy people as possible, which reduces the homoscedasticity of the populous causing increased costs per capita and wait times within the public system.

  3. Andrew Yang is a true problem solver. If the problem is needing more money in your pocket then put it in our hands not some trickle down crap.

  4. Yang looks at the root causes of the problem. I like that.

  5. He had hardly any name recognition to now beating career politicians. If he pulls this off and becomes president, i believe he will make true to most all of his campaign promises.

  6. Yang is just like OBAMA who keep deceiving US and themselves also. They talk a lot of nonsense plans that will never work. For examples, all Obama's plans fail miserably up to now especially his Obama care. When he was President he can't hardly accomplished his plans successfully. He kept blaming others of his failures because of his incompetent and lack of technical skills as President. He keep spending and did not get any results as he promises. I sincerely believe Yang will follows the same path as Obama and definitely will screw up more where Obama left off.

  7. Yang is right. There’s enough money in health care to give Americans the best health care in the world. Just have to redesign the rules to serve the people.

  8. I support universal medical system. "Free market system" with many small insurance companies failed to provide basic consumer protection and must be reformed and transformed into single payer system with free market. Well known problem in many medical plans: pre-existing conditions denial, don't cover basic/essential health problems, bankruptcy of people/families who even had medical insurance, problems with payment for out of network providers in emergencies, huge/unreasonable deductibles, fine prints in contact, very low annual limit, service denial, etc. Add to above the highest prices in the world we are paying for services and medications.

  9. Majority of Canadian, Australians, Britons, Israelis and many other developed countries are satisfied with their health care system, but the majority of Americans are not satisfied with the healthcare system.

  10. It cost employers about 5$ an hour/employee to provide health insurance. A progressive tax could pay for the universal health care and the 5$ could be put on workers checks.

  11. This is the only time I'm really proud of the Asian stereotype of being good in math and Mr. Yang is slaying this statistics game. Please vote for him, dear Americans. He can solve your scary math problems. He can lead the world into an elevated existence ✨ he can usher our generation to finally live more dignified lives.

  12. Andrew Yang for President!

  13. If I see a Yang video, I watch it.

  14. A public option that allows insurance company's to pick the healthiest individuals.
    But the public option bit is forced to take the sickest which drives up the cost.
    BernieSanders2020 everybody has to pay.


  16. No!!! medicare for all is only possible in non-existant countries like Australia.

  17. Andrew yang is for Medicare for all who want it? I didn't know that. Thats bad :/

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