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Android 10 review: Paving the way for the future

Android 10 review: Paving the way for the future

Android 10 is sort of a grab bag of interface changes, security enhancements, productivity tweaks and more. That’s not a problem, though — it’s more a side effect of having already built a stable, valuable OS. Yes, grand ambitions and flashy features are always exciting. What Android 10 really does, though, is polish what’s already there and lay down the groundwork for the big stuff that comes next, like foldable devices and 5G. This new version of Android, maybe more than any other, is about paving the way for the future.

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  1. I downloaded 10 yesterday and I can say not one feature mentioned in this video works for me.

  2. What, that's it?! This are some minor improvements that should have been done months ago with little updates. What about tablet support like ipadOS? In my opinion it was Android that is killing the tablet! Ipad is still selling fine. What about using phone in horizontal orientation. Google is in a stagnation in last few years

  3. Helpful hint: For opening side menus in Android 10, instead of using the "peek" feature (tapping and holding then waiting for the menu to pop up before swiping to open it), try just swiping downward at a 45 degree angle (top left corner to bottom right corner). This will open the side menu without any delay and won't trigger the back gesture either. This works for me every time.

  4. Android has started copying everything from ios 7 to 13. Now apple users can use android too👍🏻

  5. I have 4 questions i am really interested in.
    – can i pin selected apps in the recent apps view and protect them from closing
    -can i set default home screens to have a home screen in the middle and not only on the furthest left
    -can i continously adjust split screen
    -can i move entire desktops at once
    All these things are not possible anymore on the pixel3a with android 9 ihave and i miss them every day

  6. ugh most of the stuff seem convoluted, easy is always better

  7. Look forward it on my s10+

  8. Android one ,no better music quality no clear music beats and no coll recording and no working Another call recording app

  9. im sorry but dark mode should be pure black to save power.

  10. Why couldn't the bottom left be the back button swipe instead of Google Assistant?

  11. Why should we listen to the opinion of a guy who doesn't even know not to say "hey Google" in a video? Hardly an expert!

  12. Android is now to big,old and boring it needs to die,for something better to take its place.

  13. Look like Huwaei emui. Navigation bar is good but space for development is must.

  14. Wtf is gender neutral emojis. Aren't they gender neutral in the first place

  15. At 4:37 there actually is an option in the settings to adjust how long you want the quick display responses to appear on screen. I chose 10 seconds and it always gives me enough time to read the text or whatever and choose the best quick reply option. It's worked great for me so far, I don't see anything that needs fixing with it

  16. android 8.1.0 is better than android 9 and android 10

  17. HTC phones with Google logo 😅😅

  18. It's great on my Pixel 3 XL. Now available for download!

  19. Please does anyone know if android 10 brings a native screen recorder to the pixel devices?

  20. The OG Pixel does not have that colorful animation of the Assistant gesture :-/

  21. Always 3 button navigation keys😅😅😅⚡⚡

  22. But can you change your icons?

  23. Classic 3 button navigation is much more intuitive and efficient that gestures. Android 10 has almost nothing meritorious to offer to people not using the Pixel as every skinned version of Android is much more advanced that stock Android.

  24. The real question is when will receive it as an OTA update? Dec’19? May’20? or Sep’20? :p

  25. I Feel Fantastic about your recently played list at @4:25

  26. How are you getting the black boot screen? I'm running Android 10 on a Pixel 3 XL with dark mode on. I'm not seeing it. Has anyone found the native screen recording? Was that not included in this release? Also great review! I would have listened to a longer version.

  27. Gender neutral emoji's? The need for them is what? Google, get to work on a dark mode for Gmail before designing new emoji's nobody will use

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