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Anthony Rendon: 'You could see it w/the Dodgers, their morale, we wanted to pounce on it' | FOX MLB

Nationals 3B Anthony Rendon on the team’s approach against Clayton Kershaw and how the team continued to fight, while also staying loose and calling Howie Kendrick an old man.

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Anthony Rendon: ‘You could see it w/the Dodgers, their morale, we wanted to pounce on it’ | FOX MLB

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  1. What do you think of the Nationals’ approach to Clayton Kershaw and the Dodgers?

  2. Top 5 hitters in baseball:

    1) Trout
    2) Rendon
    3) Yelich
    4) Breg
    5) Acuna

  3. You did not get lucky, Ant, YOU'RE GOOD! You defided the odds and made all of DC proud! You've faced lost in the past, NOW is your time to Shine and shine you did!

  4. ‘Stros will beat them in 4 games. Don’t get your hopes up nationals the Astros have a better team.

  5. All 3 pitchers where using a substance in their glove mlb should investigate that ASAP

  6. Just so you guys Know this Man is 100% Latino, Mexican American. This guy is a Beast.

  7. Man…. the dodgers really need to sign rendon for 2020

  8. You could see it, Dodgers body language was horrible, like if they wanted to be already in vacations.
    They didn't want to be there,
    Ridiculos team, garbage

  9. Was expecting a thick Latin accent. I was completely thrown off to hear a Texas drawl. Underrated and exceptional ball player he is.

  10. Don't be shocked Rendon leaves the nats for a team like the dodgers , angels or astros.

  11. As a Dodger fan I'm not mad I'm happy for the Nationals because one of their best All-Star players left them for another team and they're way better without him I hope they win the World Series

  12. Howie Kendrick is 36…………get to know your team mate.

  13. Rendon laughed at that dude's question. All these non pros calling Kershaw a "Choker" couldn't hit Kershaw to save their lives.

  14. Coming from a Dodgers fan, he’s speaking facts.

  15. At least he knows hitting of off Kershaw like that was lucky lol.

  16. Rendon looks like he should have longer hair

  17. Is this reporter too cool for baseball?

  18. ayo Rendon after the postseason is done leave the nats

  19. Is that Ariel helwani? Sure sounds like him, but I’ve never seen him do anything besides MMA? Huh

  20. Rendon deserves nl mvp. Bellinger was trash after april (avg. Well below .300 every month after … Like seriously bad) plus its harder as a righty to put up great numbers which he did..

    Im a dbacks fan btw.

  21. That bomb against Kershaw might be the HR of the year.

  22. Really wasn’t expecting the truck driver accent

  23. Kershaw choked again. What's new

  24. This is a real stadium not 40,000 it's 56,000

  25. They didn’t get lucky, As a dodgers fan, It sucks to say that Kershaw doesn’t have it anymore.. Kershaw was once one of the greatest pitchers of this generation for years. But everyone just caught up with him

  26. Give me the lead guitar player goatee

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