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Anti-LGBTQ Preacher Faces Abuse Charges

Anti-LGBTQ Preacher Faces Abuse Charges

Anti-LGBTQ preacher Pastor James David Manning has been charged with abusing children. Cenk Uygur, Brooke Thomas, and Aida Rodriguez, hosts of The Young Turks, break it down. MORE TYT: https://tyt.com/trial

Read more here: https://www.pinknews.co.uk/2019/04/30/anti-lgbt-hate-preacher-james-david-manning-faces-abuse-allegations/

“Anti-LGBT New York preacher James David Manning is facing allegations of abuse against school children.

Manning, the pastor at ATLAH World Missionary Church in Harlem, has attracted attention online for his outlandish anti-LGBT conspiracy theories.

The preacher famously alleged that Starbucks flavours lattes with the “semen of Sodomites,” while the church sign regularly proclaims anti-gay messages like “Jesus would stone homos.”

Manning has also claimed that God will make fire shoot out of “gay men’s buttholes,” and suggested the US Supreme Court only voted in favour of same-sex marriage because justices were “blackmailed” by their secret gay lovers.”

Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Brooke Thomas, Aida Rodriguez

Cast: Cenk Uygur, Brooke Thomas, Aida Rodriguez


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  1. This asshole is yet another fake Christian.

  2. If you ever looked at any of, So-call Pastor David Manning old videos with his school children. Just look at those male children's faces. They all looked sexually abused…

  3. Nothing new. Religion is poison.

  4. Aida preach girl!! Being a gay man in the South is rough. Before I realized, I caught a tear for a second. Way to represent, so insightful.

  5. The way he pronounced Cenk's name lmaooooo

  6. I do believe in freedom of religion. Forcing people to change their religion for your own personal beliefs is unconstitutional. Everyone knows that in Christianity, Homosexuality is against their religion. No body should treat people bad because of their sexual preference , but it’s a slippery slope to try to force or change people’s religion cause you don’t like everything in it. Stepping on someone else’s rights to elevate your own is selfish and unconstitutional. I don’t believe in forcing Christian people to change their religion. Create your own religion. True Christian should always show love and compassion for people, but should be able to stay true to their own personal beliefs


  8. Sicko manning. All these pastors are sickos.

  9. I remember all the way back in the late 1970's, conservative talk show hosts complaining about liberal bias in the media. Fox News started in 1996 and they proceeded to be ridiculously more biased than any other news outlet had EVER been. It was then that I realized that right-wingers are always PROJECTING. They figured everyone else was biased because they knew they'd be if THEY were reporting at CBS, CNN, New York Times, etc.

  10. both the chics are a gem…. but that dark skin one…..is a stunner. cent just hiring all the gorgeons women.. cheeky giza..

  11. pastor manning sounds like mohamed the prophète of islam.. a wreckless cult leader…lol everyone else get 3 wives but he gets up to 11. plus he gets to take all the young girls under 14…lol

  12. Get the black girl to do the black segment: CLASSIC

  13. Well well, surprise surprise.

  14. Religion,the root of evil.Separation of church and state ?

  15. The guy who likes extra cream in his coffee

  16. The religious right is insane — don't trust them.

  17. The guy who was 'allegedly" locked up in the basement was totally doing the chick from the recording – they were a thing for a while on and off. Manning probably just lashed out in jealousy.

  18. I bet you he’s gay and fighting it.

  19. TYT seems to be one of two sources of this report. I've googled it to see if other news outlets have any information, couldn't find a lot of info. I will take this story with a pinch of salt. The only other source is Pinknews …. so it sounds like agenda-driven news. In the event that it is true, then hope he gets dealt with squarely

  20. Im pretty sure this dip shit asked for extra cream on his face but star bucks didnt want to wasted on a pedophile. The thing bothers me more about people like him is somehow me and my wife are obligated paying these assholes through our tax. WTF

  21. Did Starbucks sue him?
    He needs to be addressed for his actions. Too many people being mislead. This goes in other communities as well.

  22. How was that mean to Jayar?

  23. These men are using Religions as a Cover up and the louder they speak and condemn others is the more evil they are. The truth will always Prevail.

  24. They Have DRAG QUEENS reading story books to kids now in public libraries. Turns out some if these drag queens are convicted child MOLESTERS. These gay men have no business reading stories to children. DISGUSTING

  25. Him being a pedophile isn't remotely surprising.

  26. You guys do know that Manning is Uncle Ruckus😉👍😁

  27. I’m suprised he weren’t abusing boys

  28. That "preacher" certainly knows very little history.

  29. I hope he got what he deserve: Prison time.

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