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Anti-Vaccine Movement Takes Online Harassment Into The Real World | NBC News Now

NBC News’ Brandy Zadrozny reports on how the anti-vaccine movement has grown from an online community to a physical threat for some doctors and legislators.
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Anti-Vaccine Movement Takes Online Harassment Into The Real World | NBC News Now


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  1. So let the fools go without vaccinations. Not a problem. Those who die from deadly diseases will no longer be menaces to society. Call it a cleansing of the ignorant gene pool.

  2. Antivaccine people are flat earthers.
    Ill bet 90% of these protesters were vaccinated as kids.
    Ya can't fix stupid.

  3. Indeed, many educated and informed people have taken the time to look into vaccines and immunizations, including scientists, physicians, and most importantly, parents who have to weigh the very real risks against the potential benefits for their kids and community. They have come to different conclusions, and they would disagree with the simple and oft repeated assessment of vaccines as safe, effective and a civic duty that appears these days with great regularity in the media, and in coercive legislative efforts.
    Vaccination campaigns are good for public health ONLY IF the programs are both harmless and effective. Those are the big assumptions behind the drive to vaccinate all our kids. Let’s examine the claims repeatedly made by industry, regulators and mainstream opinion makers.

    Death to Pro-vaxxers !

  5. Small group of American's STUPID CLASS!

  6. I get my flu shot, and such things a whooping-cough so I can safely volunteer with kids.

  7. Most vaccines are very important and proven.

    But the way flu vaccines are applied,
    there is no way to conduct a(not 1)
    properly controlled study.

    They are
    Scientifically hypothetical..

    The FACT that the medical community tries obscure the Known efficacy of some vaccines,
    Is very concerning to me.

    Anti vaxxers are crazy ,but they are validated by obvious faults of those "pro"

    All vaccines have known risks,
    go to to drug manfacture site and read,
    they disclaim them.
    Some of them are in fact
    the risks protesters are complaining about.
    Yet "pro" say all risks purported by "anti" are disproven.

    Im not an anti vaxxer,
    But between two groups of tribalists important questions arent being asked.

    If the science minded occasionally choose "belief"
    You will appear faulty and may end up starting an anti intellectual revolution.

    Oh wait…………………

  8. Who decide whats misinformation ??? You ? Daddy state ? BigPharma ? Who ?????

  9. Took myself and my (5) kids, got our flu shots for the season. #responsibly

  10. Talk about the facts ☠️ stop speaking for the drug companies ☠️

  11. Democrats – all seem to be pro-vaccine because other Democrats tell them to be.
    Also Democrats – half their kids have autism or some other mental / physical disorder.

  12. Why is the news taking a bias stand on something so controversial thats not what the news is suppose to do.

    I am not "anti vaccination" at all. I AM pro freedom.
    If you believe it helps…by all means…knock yourself out.
    But don't expect me to participate. Not interested. It's called LIBERTY.
    Look it up.
    Live free or die.🇺🇸

  14. They should be put in a leper colony

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