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AOC admits Bernie Sanders may have to nix his Medicare-for-all plan

FOX Business’ Stuart Varney on the 2020 Democratic field and how their positions on health care could actually hurt their chances of defeating President Trump; Tammy Bruce stops by to discuss remarks AOC made about Medicare-for-all. #FoxBusiness

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  1. I'd absolutely love to put AOC over my knee and give her the SPANKING she so desperately needs!

  2. The president might not be able to wave a magic wand and change the laws, but you can get mostly all of the population behind something and put pressure on Congress to change it. If nothing else, this opens the Overton Window and lays the ground work for future generations to get some change! Who wouldn't approve of everyone having medical care? What do you have now? Insurance? That promise of healthcare that they deny paying every chance they get? People will say we can't afford it, but if you look at what we already pay and the fact that everywhere else in the world already has healthcare for all…makes you wonder why America can't do it? Oh! Because insurance companies and prescription companies won't be able to rob people blind anymore.

  3. This is why I don’t watch Fox News, they lie to Americans, it is great that we have options.

  4. What's the difference who the Dems choose to lose to Trump?

  5. Where were all these Democrats when Obama was acting like he was supreme ruler? We have been pushed to the limit with the Bush/Obama years and are tired of seeing all these people being charged and nothing done, if Stone is guilty he should have to pay you have to pay a parking ticket and McCabe should in no way get a free pass because he was part of Obama's officials. The people of this country need to see real results and not a bunch of the same BS we have witnessed for years. If McCabe is guilty why would Barr not hold him to the same standard if he is not politically motivated. Bernie should know that with each administration the first thing they do is claim they are giving a raise on social security and raise medicare prices while cutting what medicare covers. Medicare for all would be a huge disaster for America on the coverage end and the quality of treatment. Democrats have lost their minds and are only hoping to still have a party 2024, hollywood had them riding high now they are heading into the abyss.

  6. Socialist Bernie is Democrats worst nightmare. A guaranteed reelection for Trump. PERFECT!

  7. Fox is Fake News…or AG BARR is incompetent. 🇺🇸🗽🇺🇸🗽🇺🇸🗽

  8. That's a complete lie, Warren started to drop in the polls when she walked back Medicare for All. A majority of Americans want universal health care, we don't need a for profit middle man raising the costs of healthcare anymore, we pay double per capita as Canada does on healthcare and they have universal healthcare. In the UK, the NHS has over an 80 percent approval rating. These are not socialist countries btw, they aren't without their own problems of course, but when 30,000 Americans die each year because they don't have access to healthcare and 500,000 Americans have to claim bankruptcy each year due to medical bills, there is a huge problem.

  9. Those saying that AOC made an intelligent statement for once in her life are giving her too much credit. She is trying to get Bernie Sanders to soften to a public option because she has her own ambition of becoming president, and she wants to be the one to go all the way to full blown single payer.

  10. God what a huge misinterpretation of what she said. She said worst case scenario we get public option not best. Lol That's OK Fox News. I know your scared. So pathetic.




  12. Aoc anal oral Cortez is a village idiot dumb as a bag of rocks

  13. The wealthy want Trump as President,because he is making them (and himself and family) a lot of money, there are enough idiots who think he is Gods gift, the Chinese and Russians want him as President because he is vain, weak, greedy and conceited, so they can flatter and manipulate him him and tell him how amazing he is and do anything globally they bloody want to, as they are.They are also very aware of the damage he is doing to America, the rest of the world leaders are laughing at him and going about their business…… Vote Trump 2020.

  14. All major countries have health care as a right, except USA

  15. Trump 2020 – "Have you seen who I'm running against?"

  16. I always thunk Tammy Bruce was HOT

  17. If you elect me I will give everyone in America free healthcare, free college with guaranteed passing grade and diploma and everyone over 40 will never have to work again “free cash till you pass”. Vote Nosmo in 2020. Do I need to add I am a Democrat.

  18. This argument is ridiculous. The poor culinary workers will have their health benefits "wiped away"?? Of course they will, but they will be replaced with unconditional and probably far more comprehensive (not to mention free) health care. Please explain the crisis at hand here, I dont see one except for predatory insurance companies who will have to find profit elsewhere.

  19. That picture of winter-attire AOC in the thumbnail should be on a greeting card for when you've got that Socialist chill going down your spine.

  20. She's right though. This was literally Trumps strategy with the wall he proposed a huge border wall that would have costed tens of billions of dollars, and settled for 5.7 billion to upgrade existing border fence, which is more than he would have otherwise got. You never start off a deal with a compromise, you go all in initially and force your opposition to come to your side.

  21. I hope AOC gets shot in the face and the hospital refuses her universal healthcare card.

  22. Wow dumb arse must have been educated

  23. Medicare for all is STUPID!!!! Poor neighborhoods will have poor hospitals and average doctors! Rich neighborhoods get state of the art hospitals, top doctors!!! Bias in hospitals will mean poor and minorities get served last!!! STOP perpetuating social INEQUALITY!!! NO to Medicare for all!!!! YES to reduction of cost in services and drugs!!!! Yes to discounts if you live a healthy lifestyle!!!

  24. i don't know but it's something strange Happened in this planet Right Now the media are lying wide open They don't care they know the Trump is going to win eazy and They know what they doing but why they still doing that is like someone or something are playing we every single one and it's the force of Darkness i got 💯 proof

  25. America wants Sanders2020. No matter how you twist & turn. Corporate Media is pushing Corporate master Bloom, Corporate poppet Pete, & let's change nothing Amy. Meanwhile, Trump is a plague on this land and his supporter & enablers are infected zombies.

  26. AOC needs to grow up and understand more about America and Americans!! Get some fresh air out if the cities but here in America!! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  27. can't wait for AOC to get nixed.

  28. AOC needs to shut her big (literally) up!

  29. Bernie's comment…a woman was in the hospital for a month, on discharge, wasn't charged a dime! You damned commie clown…rather ask why it took her TWO YEARS to be admitted!!! The blessed Canadian healthcare system!!

  30. Say it..the left has no common sense…

  31. Fox viewers are so blinded, that they cant see we already a socialist country for the rich and corporations

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