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AOC says 'bite the bullet' on $93 trillion Green New Deal

Forbes Media Chairman Steve Forbes, former Obama economic adviser Robert Wolf, Kingsview Asset Management CIO Scott Martin and FoxNews.com columnist Liz Peek react to Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s (D-N.Y.) comments about climate change.

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  1. OMG! How did she get elected? This woman is a fruitcake.

  2. Nobody sept for California commies wants a green new deal. We need coal for our barbecues and diesel for our F150's. 'Murica.

  3. Saving the world from the brink of socioeconomic and environmental disaster will really help out during her Presidental campaign run in roughly, I don't know…..

    12 years.

  4. One of these days she is going to have to write a book. "The Ten Thousand Dumbest Things I Ever Said" by Dumbelina Cortez

  5. This crazy woman is so full of crap that her eyes turned brown. In research I found that the mount Saint Helen volcano put more pollution in the atmosphere than man has in the last hundred years so I hope the New Yorkers that sent this socialist idiot to Washington can see the results of their mistake and will send someone who won't be spending their money like some brat who finally got a credit card

  6. Buddy the big break-throughs' with solar and wind energy production have been here for a decade.

    But Batteries continue to improve. We do already have efficient and effective and economically feasible battery storage solutions NOW. Included is our ability to make improvements.

  7. Who are these clowns? Lackeys for the wealthy industrialists who care nothing about you and your community.
    AOC should be our next President.

  8. AOC needs to stop blowing George Soros!!!!!

  9. Aoc doesn't know that she is an idiot somebody should tell her

  10. Hey dumbasses. Listen to every college professor ever. Climate change is real.

  11. Does she understand that the U.S. is not the world? If not, she's an idiot, but if so, she may be a Chinese spy. If her plan is used it will turn the U.S. into a third world nation and reduce global emissions by about 15%. In other words she will hand China economic dominance and have almost zero effect on global warming. If she does work for China, she'll be their hero.

  12. Start by taking congress's pay checks for the next 10 years and use that money for global warming. the sky is falling the sky is falling.

  13. AOC is advocating shutting down Indian point which means million tons of carbon added to the atmosphere. So far, AOC is the worst environmentalist ever.

  14. That 93 trillion is invented by FOX News, and not from any non-partisan group

  15. Only AOC can save us from the end of the world!!

  16. AOC is a complete moron you could tax the people 100% and it still wouldn't cover the cost of what she wants but I will say I've been listening to this global warming cheap for 40 years now and not one single thing they said would happen has come to pass not one

  17. Borders can't judge a man because of the house and Congress don't even get bills on the floor they stay in a stalemate so all the big companies can do whatever they want

  18. The Green New Deal will only make us more dependent on Russia. Why would America with the richest resources in the world want to strengthen Putin? We are Europe's best hope of breaking its dependence on Russian energy. Hmmm

  19. AOC wants to ban beef. There was a movie about the government banning beef. It was called "Soylent Green". I guess she wants us to eat that special government prepared meal.

  20. Bite the bullet? Nobody will be able to afford one….

  21. No one has yet to explain why they changed the term from global warming to climate change.

  22. AOC is a mentally deranged moron

  23. $93 T? I’ll write a check

  24. Fox news asking the arsenist to put out the fire or the tobacco industry to promote health. What is fossil fuel costing now with no residual value. Fox news, no regard for human life, profits over people.

  25. Sorry, but there's a difference between fearing the apocalypse and fearing climate change. One of them is scientifically proven that will happen if we do nothing to stop damaging the environment.

  26. Fox news fighting for FOSSIL fuels companies … SHOCKER!!!

  27. I look forward to her serving me drinks in the future. If she's lucky enough.

  28. This insane fear mongering child needs to be put in check…why is Congress not slapping facts on her desk….Harry Potter isn't real girl wake up…

  29. She is not afraid about not having air travel because she has her own private broom to ride!

  30. She is a media hog. That's all.

  31. AOC, what you just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent statement, were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul."

  32. Is this woman for real. Is she as dumb as she sounds. Surely not.Dingbat

  33. AOC is a loony toon like the rest of the left with their crackpot dream that will turn the us into Venezuela if not worse

  34. I appreciate her enthusiasm, but maybe she should lead by example and bite the bullet.

  35. Guys I'm republican, I'm against spending. However, green energy is not a bad investment. We need to stop depending on oil. It's causing us unnecessary wars and hurricanes. I know if fox has sponsorship from the oil top dogs.

  36. IF these BAD Actors have their way we will be back to the year 1500 where there was the ELITE ..The CHURCH and everyone else was a PEASANT

  37. Green new deal isn't gonna do crap. It's a socialistic view.

  38. She says we need to bite the bullet on the costs, but wants a raise on her $174,000 annual salary….

  39. I have a horse when Cortez laughing exactly the same

  40. She's so dumb it's like always hore

  41. Hahahaha nuts case 😂😂

  42. Remember James Hansen & Al Gore's "predictions" about the Arctic? Remember "the end of snow" predictions? OAC isn't smart enough to articulate a position, so she copies bullet points & runs w/ it.

  43. There is 7.7 billion people in the world. China and India 2.7 billion, which is 37% of world population. There is 1 billion head of cattle in the world. India, China and Brazil have 63% of cattle in the world. Ninety percent of the cattle in the world are not in the United States. China, India and Russia are the biggest user of coal. The biggest abuser is not the United States. Why don't they mention who the biggest abusers?

  44. When will this circus of AOC and her opinions stop. When this individual graduated i can only assume she opened a box of rice krispies and found it there in the facility canteen

  45. Hey AOC, why don't you "bite the bullet" and give up your posh apartment, bike to work, donate 3/4 of your $174,000 paycheck & collect rainwater to bathe & do laundry… what a dolt.

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