AOC won’t pay her party dues: Democratic source

Kadina Group president Gary B. Smith, FOX Business’ Jackie DeAngelis, MAXFunds founder Jonas Max Ferris and Fortune executive editor Adam Lashinsky discuss Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, R-N.Y.

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  1. The Democratic did NOT help get her elected, they actively worked against her as she primaried the second strongest Democrat Rep.
    Additionally, the DNC put out a clear message to all consultants and political professionals that if they worked for a primary challenger against an incumbent, they would be black balled from DCCC campaigns. A very undemocratic thing to do and potentially, against the constitution.
    Also, AOC and Bernie are out fundraising everyone. Eventually, the party is going to cave or go bankrupt.
    Amusing when you Republican establishment bootlickers try to make it sound like Bernie and AOC are at all equivalent to the Democratic establishment or should be beholden to it. The same kind of comedy as when CNN and MSNBC tried to do the same with Ron Paul.
    If Ron Paul had half AOC’s charisma he would be running the Republican Party and maybe the whole world would be a better place.
    Corporate shills.

  2. The demtards created her, now they have to deal with her. Hahaha.

  3. AOC depends upon her looks which is very much like Obama. All surface, no character.

  4. But but but…I thought she was for the little man.

  5. AOC nice move pissed off everyone

  6. Typical Puerto Ricans

  7. She doesn't need to pay her dues, cause stupid is a superpower.

  8. Give her time. She's still looking for some government program to pay this for her.

  9. Now I see why the youth have been fed entitlement for the past 20 years…. A generational plan to plant the seeds of socialism in the west… There are some evil people in this world

  10. Look at whom staxked the deck for aoc. They will pay for the new party & circulate all over for new members to join to b elected. The day after being elected (2018 to congress(D)) who had the sit in event in PIGLOSI"S office.

  11. Even she does not want to support dems. Lmfao

  12. How in the world she got into politics?? She should work at the DMV

  13. The best they have….god help us!

  14. I’d hit that. She’s hot 😁

  15. Alexandria Caca Cortez COMMUNIST RACIST DEMOCRAT IS DUMB as a box of rocks. Newt Gingrich is a History professor and has extremely hi IQ and a successful government. So this dude is Demotarted.

  16. AOC's (and Talib's, Presley's and Omar's) presence in the Congress shows that we are indeed in a mess. Now the schoolchildren who were dumbed down by "No Child Left Behind" and the "Common Core" are becoming voters.

  17. 🇻🇳Communist Party🇻🇳

  18. Great! She wants to raise taxes on Americans but not pay her dues. Oh and don’t forget she also asked for a huge pay raise.

  19. What a idiot ! Money will buy any idiot a place in government !

  20. "She's a future President"? What a maroon!

  21. Why doesn’t the AOC/Sanders break off into a third party and see who follows them? What a joke – she is a typical socialist democrat- she raised that money from voters who thought she supported the Democratic Party and then refused to do her part.

  22. A future president !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Said the idiot in glasses . God help us ! And of course thats nonsense , thats no more sensible than Nancy Pelosi actually making sense when she talks .

  23. You should of got rid of her a Long time ago

  24. Bernie warned her..hillary stole all of bernies share of the dnc war chest in 2016..they will start a new party soon..straight up commies..AND DONT SCHOOL ME, that IDK THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN COMMIES, MARXIST SOCIALISTS ,,THEYRE ALL COMMIES!!!

  25. I like that deadbeat loser Cortez.

  26. …where I come from, we call this hypocrisy!…

  27. Go figure a communist who is nothing but selfish, greedy and hypocritical?🤦‍♀️🤐

  28. She is super stupid. I don't think she was able to raise money from real Americans. Maybe George Soros the crook like her help her.

  29. How can anyone defend someone who refuses to pay bills? The common people have to pay bills. Why should she be exempt?

  30. She’s nothing but an ignorant POS..

  31. But, we tax payers had to pay for their Impeachment of hate and never ending charade of Ignorance? 🤔 We were given no choice.🤔

  32. As if the establishment can't squeeze enough $x$x$ from just about everybody else .

  33. AOC LIED…

  34. We all love to see all 4 of the CUNTS in the ground

  35. None of the Squad have any power when they all take a dirt nap

  36. That's My money….You go get your own Money….lol…..

  37. What did they expect? She’s a socialist! No sense of responsibility whatsoever.

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